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A poll IF you have owned the SE530s and Triple Fis

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This poll is only for people who have owned and used extensively the Triple FI's and the SE530s. Please don't vote if you have only heard one, or have owned one, but heard the other at a meet.
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Voted for TF10 on SQ along.

For me: TF10's SQ is better suited for my taste. Both are about equal in the comfort factor (TF10 big earpieces vs. SE530 slightly difficult to use cable). SE530 wins in isolation but I don't really need that much.
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I've used both of them extensively in the past and now, and I would give props to shure for it's comfort and isolation but it's the TF10 that I'm keeping now. For me it's been always SQ>comfort, isolation and I found TF10 to have a slightly better SQ, so that's the one I'm voting.
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Great poll David! I hope more people weigh in soon. This will definitely help someone like me who is trying to chose between the two IEM's to buy. Thanks.
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hold both in equal esteem with regard to sound quality with the triple fi being a little more detailed!
Comfort for long term use is a big issue though and for that reason I find myself unravelling the Shure more often!
To be honest I had to check the web as couldn't believe the triple fi were in correctly first time popped them on!
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My vote went to the Shure on all three counts.

Loved the sq from the triple's but the more i listen to the Shure's the more i love the little blighters. More of a warm musical sound for me. Comfort wise the Shure's again for me, it was the one reason why i sold the triple's, just couldnt get a nice fit with them, where as with the shure's i can barely tell they are in my ear.
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This is a really cool poll! I only own the se530s, so I won't be voting. But it will be interesting to see how the results stack up. I'm sure they are both great, so a lot of this is purely personal musical taste.
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Interesting that (at this point at least) it seems to be about 50/50 as far as overall preference for the SE530 or Triple-Fi. If that keeps up it's not going to help potential buyers very much...
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Shure for all three.

Whats up with the recessed mids of the triples?
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not voting, yes I've owned the se530s and they're nice ... but never had the pleasure of the triple-fi :/ ... oh, well I'll stick with my new ones
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Voted for se530's on all three. Interesting results though. Triple Fi users definitely like their sq above everything else.
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I voted for the Shures solely for the comfort.....which doesnt mean I don't like their sound quality. I actually think the Triple Fis may be just slightly better in the sound quality department, but today's Sunday, and by Monday I may have a different opinion.....one thing is definite though, I use the Shures more because theyre so damn comfortable and they isolate much better for me.
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Well I spent the weekend up in tanglewood attending the concerts. My thoughts were that sound presentation was much more similar to that of the Shures than the Triple Fis. I always prefer a brighter headphone with my classical listening, but in this instance I was reminded that a concert hall can very often be a warmish venue with a blossoming midrange.
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useful thread. hope more people chime in cause i am looking to buy either one very soon.
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I still say the naturalness of the shure's will always be the best feature for me. But I will admit that when you first listen to them, you gotta really give it time to have them grow on you. The fact that theyre so comfortable (esp when you tuck them into your ear like a hearing aid) makes it easier to just leave and forget you have them on while you walk down the street enjoying your music. Plus I think the shure's are one of the very few iem's you can leave on while drifting off into sleep.
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