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Old Cosmic vs New Cosmic

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Need an unbiased answer here... how much better is the new cosmic than the old cosmic? Looking back through posts, I think I saw a set of reviews by KurtW that rated the new cosmic at 7.75 while the old was at 7.5 which makes it seem too close to justify picking up a new one vs an old one. Other than the gain switch, three level filter, LED, and improved jacks is there anything else worthwhile about the new ones?
How much is the street value for the old ones (a reasonable price for one in excellent condition?)? Your help with this matter is greatly appreciated as the Headroom people market the new cosmic as being tons better than the old (can't fault them for that, its good business!).
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The street value of the old is fairly important to me as I may sell my old cosmic.... just have no idea what to price it for eBay or Head-fi sales.
Also, is there any chance that the Portable Corda could be better than a cosmic? Is seems like many people believe that the regular corda is... at least when compared to the cosmic with no base station.
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Well...I bought my (old version) Cosmic used for $600 incl. a traveller bag, sony pcd player and base station. I sold the base station for $200 so the amp and bag ended up costing me $400 (the cd player really isn't worth anything). I did get an excellent deal, however. I think if I were going to sell the cosmic today, I'd probably price it at $400 and sell the bag separately or for an extra $75 or so. Mine is in mint condition, however, and that does matter of course.

I've actually considered replacing my cosmic with a corda and porta-corda together, but it's just so nice to have the full-fledged amp, cd player and etys all packaged up in that traveller bag. I think I'll probably just keep it and wait until I have some more money to do any more purchasing.
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Thanks Beni!
Really appreciate the info. Is the traveller bag worth it? Where did you find all these items used (you got a real steal!)? I'm using my stuff with some Etys as well. I'm going to get some Senn 600s too soon.
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I don't think I would have paid new retail for the traveller bag, but now that I've got one I'd never sell it unless I also got rid of the cosmic. It is extremely handy to have everything packed together in one spot. I have the cosmic, etys, battery pack, ac adapter, archos mp3 player, the sony cd player and a few CDs in it, and I can zip it up this way and everything stays nice and safe and easily transportable. It's pretty heavy, but not so much that it makes me want to leave it at home or anything. If you've got the cash for the bag, I'd say definitely go for it.
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I have a Cosmic Mark II for sale, so you can decide whether I can be unbiased or not ,...but I definitely like the Mark II better.

The new features on the mark II shouldn't be shrugged off too lightly. If it was *just* the LED added, or *just* the gain switch, or *just* the better headphone socket, or *just* the cardas rca's, or *just* the improved circuit layout, or *just* the better wall wart, or *just* the variable position treble boost (and I think a better volume pot ?) , then I'd say the improvement might not be worth swapping. But add them all up and it's a better built, much more flexible and better sounding amp.

With the new version, you may default to using just the settings that were available on the old one ...perhaps the low gain, no crossfeed and no treble boost (which is how I've most often liked the HD-600's and ER4P's) ,...But, it's nice knowing that the other options are there. For example, it would cross my mind, *I wonder if this would sound better if it had more gain ? * ,...with the new amp, I can flip the switch and see. It turns out, it was best as it was, but I end up being more satisfied with the listen knowing that the *grass is not greener* .

You're basing much on an opinion (likely a very worthwhile opinion) that the difference between the new and old is 7.5 Vs. 7.75 . I'd say there's more like a full .5 between them sonically and I'd give the amp at least another .5 for it's added flexibilty and improved build.

On the Traveller bag, I'd say it's definitely worth it. The Cosmic is really not *portable* unless you have the bag. Unless the battery pack, CD player, amp, CD's, Headphones etc. can all be handily and easily brought along ...it just won't happen. Without the bag the portability is a perpetual possibility, but not likely to happen too often (which is a pity, because it's on the road that the sound really stands out ....I'm used to having good sound in my house, but not on the sidewalk outside ...).

Hope I haven't made the decision more difficult !


BTW,...for anyone interested, the Mark II Cosmic is on Ebay,...also an extremely nice Wheatfield HA-1 tube Headphone amp ! (a search should yield one or the other, then click on *see seller's other items)
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I saw your auction on eBay the second you put it up... almost went with the buy it now, but then realized I had the old cosmic. Doh!
Good luck with the sale! I had a new supreme for a week before I realized that the battery pack was too frickin' large to really be portable, so I returned it. Then I found a steal on a mint condition old cosmic (which is tons better sonically than even the new supreme!). I couldn't resist, though the portability issue is still there.... maybe the traveller will fix that. I mainly wanted a supreme or cosmic for an HD600 that I would acquire off a friend later this year.
Monk, is the combo worth it (ety and HD600)? I already have Etys, but I was hoping to get the best in open sound as well. Are they sonically different enough to merit keeping both of them??
If not, I'm going to sell off my cosmic ASAP. Let me know.
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Are they sonically different enough to merit keeping both of them??
I think you've hit the nail on the head,..the Ety and HD-600 are different enough (both very good, but different strengths) to merit keeping both.

If this is the choice your saying ( ? ) :

1. Ety + HD-600 + Old Cosmic


2. Either Ety or HD-600 and New Cosmic

Then I'd go for number 1. For an ugrade from there, it would be a tough call on whether to go for a Base Station on the old Cosmic or swap to the Mark II for perhaps similar money. I suppose the decision would depend on how you use the system.

Having both Ety's and HD-600's is nice. I find the HD-600's give more of a general perspective . The singer is heard in the context of the band ,...but it's slightly harder to focus *just* on the singer . The Ety's tend towards the opposite for me ,...I seem more wired to the singers mike at the expecience of some of the hall ambience and the band/orchestra in general . I like being able to switch. There are some songs that didn't really connect with me untill I heard them with the Ety's ; though there's still too much I like in the HD-600's to ever give them up (and they'd be my only headphones if I *had* to choose. Fortunately, I can be piggy and don't have to choose between them).

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My actual question was just about the utility of owning both the Etys and the HD600, but your answer was fantastic and gave me some additional insight into the issue. Thanks!
Congrats on getting a buyer for the Cosmic and Base Station 1 on eBay!
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