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IEM for classic music on D2

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Like the title or the thread I got iaudio D2 and I listen to classic music.
Now I got cx300 and I want to upgrade to higher quality IEM.
In this forum I see that many people like the Sleek Audio SA6.
But I do not know if this IEM will be good for classic music and maybe
there other IEM that will be better for this music.

so if there is a better choise in the SA6 price for D2 and classic music.
plz tell me.

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Well I have a D2 and Im currently using the SA6 and Sure SE530. With classical music I vastly prefer the SA6 due to its ability to have very sparkley highs with tight controlled bass. With rap music Id say the SE530s bigger boomier bass is pretty cool but for 90% of my music it is the SA6 all the way.

I think you would like the etys also for that type of music. I dont have them though just read alot about them.

P.S. Sleeks customer service is A++ (pardon the pun) if that matters to you.
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Thanks but i need more opinions about what IME should I take
in price like SA6.
is the SA6 is the best in his price range? (for classic at least)

please help me.

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Now, I've not heard any of the headphones I'm about to mention, but I've done my fair bit of hanging around these parts recently and it seems to me like it's a bit overkill to go for the SA6s if you just want them for classical. What about Etymotic ER6i or, for a bit more, ER4P instead?
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Omerneu, I am a recent convert to classical music - and I converted purely because it sounds divine on my triple-fi's with the D2. :0

I know Triple Fi's are not in your budget, but I would strongly recommend the combo. it works well for all other genres also.
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ER4S-P and yuin PK1 sound all very good. Different, but all enjoyable.
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Although you will not care for the ER-6is with other music genres, they are divine with classical music and the D2. The fact that they tend to be analytical actually works for you with the D2 and classical music.

I have not heard the SA6 but I disagree re SE530s and classical. There are better IEMs for this genre only, but I have found the SE530s do a wonderful job with all music genres I listen to, including classical. In fact, I chose to listen to classical only with the D2/SE530s whild recently flying to and from Banff. I could have chosen any number of other genres but this combo gave me great pleasure on this trip.
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