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Originally Posted by orkney View Post
I like "Sound Science." I've never thought of skeptics as especially playful -- furrowed, maybe, or animated, or indignant, or even po-faced. But playful? Uh uh. Satyrs, yes. Skeptics, no. I look forward to dipping into this new forum. Good luck with it.

You should check out the Amazing Randi or Penn & Teller some time. Very entertaining and very much Skeptics.
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Originally Posted by jude View Post
Okay, how about we go for Sound Science--if it causes a stink down the road, we'll deal with it then.

I like it, too, for whatever that's worth.
Cool, throw the switch !
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Originally Posted by scompton View Post
You should check out the Amazing Randi... very much Skeptics.

Do you know his foundation's office (and I assume his personal office too) was around the corner from the Can Jam 08 hotel?? And no one thought to bring him over!! I passed it on Sunday (it was closed of course).
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IMO working around a problem is far from solving it, the initial idea was to separate both ways of thinking, which IMO is the only way to avoid these kind of conflicts....

Now if you let us to participate together again, just in a new forum, under a different name, it will gave us the same results, just that in a different place. What makes you guys think, that people will be more respectful or more considerate just becasue they are on a forum with a different name??? Then if the result will be the same, why the need of this new forum, and wasting space and resources on that, why not letting the forum the way it is and period, let people discuss as they wish in any place...You are only controling and dropping the arguments into a different place and period, is that a way to solve the main problem, not at all...So IMO thep roblems wil arise again, just that in a new place...
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time will tell.

like the "High End" forum, i think it's going to take some time for the "Sound Science" forum to settle down, but some boundaries will probably need to be established quickly to prevent the outcome you predict.

if posters would just stay out of threads in which they have no actual experience with the specific gear being discussed, it would go a long way to quelling most of the conflict, imo. it's the blanket statements that raise the ire of both sides (eg. cables make a difference/ cables don't make a difference).

furthermore, in each respective forum the onus should be placed squarely on the shoulders of the "opponents" to validate their argument either through direct experience or sound reasoning. if you have nothing constructive to add, let the "subjectivists" discuss which cable sounds better and conversely, let the "objectivist" conduct their own inquiry into the matter, each in their own respective playground.

some level of mutual respect is going to be required between both camps. otherwise, as Sovkiller mentioned, fires are going be raging in two places rather than one.
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Sound Science sounds cool! And it handily abbreviates to SS.. no, wait. Waffen Sound Science, heheh. :| i'll get me coat

I hope things go "right" there: no flaming mudslinging like someone said, but good, intellectual discussion about electricity moving from A to B and what happens between.
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"The Cochlea" (Ear anatomy)
"Audio Philisophy"
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