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Best Tubes for MHDT Paradisea DAC

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I am looking for tube options for my MHDT Paradisea DAC. I currently have a GE tube. I listened to a WE 396A but it was too warm with blurred details and restricted sound stage. I also listened to a Bendix Tube which I liked better. I want very low noise for quiet background, large sound stage, with a touch of warmth. I also want a balance sound full range. Do you have any recommended 5670 tubes that comes the closest to these qualities ?

I am thinking about ordering the 5670 RCA Black Plates Kuhl -Tube Pair.
Does anyone have this tube, and would rate The RCA compared to other 5670 tubes?

Also how do the 5670 RCA Black Plates compare to the IM Ericcson tubes?
Has anyone used either the RCA or IM Ericcson with the MHDT Paradisea DAC?

All comments welcomed.
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This thread should probably me moved to the Source Components forum, but here is an answer from the MHDT designer that's posted on their website:

1st class,
WE396A (D getter)
WE2C51 (D getter)
Bendix 6385 (toooo expensive)
Tesla 6CC42 (rare but sometimes will show up in the market)

2nd class,
WE396A/2C51 (O getter)
Tung-sol 2C51 (they invent this tube, 1950s, D getter)
Raytheon CK5670 (1950s, D getter)
RCA 5670 (1950s, D/Plate 2 supporting rod getter)
GE 5670 (3 mica structure, mostly 5 stars tube)

3rd class, (after 1960s)
GE 5670
RCA 5670
Tung-sol 5670
Sylvania 2C51
Sylvania 5670 (sometimes marked Mullard)
RTC 5670
Philips 2C51

4th class,
Russian and Chinese 6N3P, -E, -EB, -EV
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What's this D getter O getter stuff?
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Originally Posted by Ragonix View Post
What's this D getter O getter stuff?
Would like to know that myself. Currently I'm still looking for a deal on the 396A myself.
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Getters are simply part of a vacuum tube used to remove gases from inside the tube itself. They come in different shapes: round "halo-getters", D-shaped getters, square getters, etc.

From more read here:

Getter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Since I had one, I used a Bendix 6385. I believe this tube has the most neutral character compared the others that I've used.

Also tried a Bendix 2C51 which is quite close, as it should be.

From memory, you'll probably enjoy the Tung-Sol 2C51 more. I find these have a bit more treble sparkle.
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Thanks for the feedback. I ordered 5670 RCA Black Plate Kuhl -Tube. It is a cyro treated tube. I will report on it, after I test it out. I am looking for Bendix and a Tung-Sol.
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Just got the 6N3P-E for my MHDT Renaissance II... this is the best sounding tube I've ever tried in this unit. It's a tall tube, bigger than the usual smaller 5670's so it sticks out a bit. The sound is fluid and extended, better than Tung-sol, early GE 5* & RCA 5670's, or WE 936A...
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got tired of the Russian tube. It provides the best extension, but it's a bit a tad fuzzy and harsh. I keep going back to my GE 5* 5670WA which is a bit more focused and better tonally. The D getter RCA command 5670 with extra supporting post is even better. My Tung-sol O getters are not bad, on the smooth side. Right now I'm enjoying my old 0-getter WE936A, the original telephone tube, these things have an amazing midrange but pretty mushy bass and little extension.... never can use them for too long for any serious listening.

All in all, I would go with a GE 5* mil spec tube if you can find one. They are not too $$ either. This tube gives me the definition I prefer. Or the earlier RCA 5670. And the new Russian tubes are really very good too, esp. if extension is important to you.
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I think the Sylvania black-plate 2C51 is in class 2, not 3. JMO.
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I like the WE Jan 396a for a more full sound (good bass response).

The Bendix 6385 gets the most time in my Paradisea. It has amazing detail and clarity while it lacks the same bass of some of the other tubes. It is quite expensive and hard to find in comparison to the Bendix 2c51 which I have seen several times on eBay.
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whats the difference in sound between the we396a o getter vs the d getter?
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Anyone hear the raytheon tubes for either the havana or the paradisea?
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