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Pleased to be able to start a feedback thread for Ub3rMario, who I recommend as a good HeadFi-er to trade with.

I bought his NW-HD5, finding it to be exactly as described and delivered promptly all the way to Australia.

Ub3rMario provided excellent communication and support, even advising me it had arrived at my local post office before the post office had time to tell me!

Thanks Ub3rMario.
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Sold my MS-1's to Ub3rMario.
Very quick payment and no problems at all.
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Mario bought my DT880, good communication and fast payment. Thanks.
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hey guys,

thanks for the good feedback! I just wanted to clear something up though.

My name is actually Adam while Mario is my last name. No worries though a lot of people make that mistake and/or use Mario as my nickname. haha. Thanks again.
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Adam sold me a custom right angle interconnect. Kindly shipped it to Australia and it came in very fast! Great communication and service, definitely do business with him again. (;
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Adam is a gentleman (literally) and a scholar (literally).

Bought my Ocavart THE ONE headphone amp... quick payment and constant, reliable, kind communication throughout the process. Could ask for more!

Thanks, and enjoy the new toy!
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Adam sold me his Alessandro MS-1's. He was great to work with, and had the package in the mail within an hour of payment.
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I purchased Adam's Corda 2Move and he shipped it the same day with expedited shipping just as I asked.

It looks brand new and well taken care of!

Thank you Adam!

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I bought 3 ICs from Adam. Quick response and delivery, pleasure to deal with. He even threw in an extra IC! Thanks for everything!
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bought a replacement cable for my hd565s. cable came very fast and at a great price! A great seller
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Bought an Asus EEE PC off him. Great Communication and all-around guy!
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Bought Adam's Beyer DT-880 2003, communication was great and he was prompt to ship the headphones. He also shipped faster than he had to at a loss to him, great guy. Couldn't be happier.

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I bought a pair of HD 580s from Adam. He shipped them out immediately and they arrived in pristine condition. Thanks Adam!
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Adam is a wonderful seller and talented too!

Adam sold me a nice Denon headphone that he had himself recabled. He said the sound was much improved. So I payed what I considered at the time to be a premium price based on his word on SQ....and,indeed, the SQ turns out to be greatly improved by Adam'd meticulous attention to detail in recabling..very talented fellow! So far as the transaction itself, Adam did EVERYTHING very well..hes a WONDERFUL seller, deserving of your full confidence should you be so lucky as to partner-up with him. Thank you, Adam for a job very well done!
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I sold him a Stax Basic and he gave me a Denon D2000 as part of the payment., sent out promptly

Dealing with Adam is a pleasure.
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