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Originally Posted by Baldeagle58 View Post

I can confirm that removing the back tube and leaving the unit on for 48 hours (no signal, just turned on) will make the 6SN7 (front tube) go totally silent. Kind of a pain but the way to go.
This amp is an outstanding bargain so it's well worth taking the time.
Silence is golden as they say.


Thanks. I tried it overnight that way and the input tube was silent in the morning--but not the next time I tried that tube! I'll give it longer burn in when I have time.

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Originally Posted by Skylab View Post

So far my experience is the same - some 6SN7's hum, some don't. And tubes that do NOT hum in other amps do hum in the 336SE. But I have some nice 6SN7GTB's that are completely quiet, including the very nice tall-bottle Tung Sols (vintage NOT re-issue), so I use that.

^^ this  ,same here 

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I want to also confirm that leaving the amp on for 48 hours with just the 6sn7 front tube installed with no signal, no music playing will make the hum go away. My tube had a slight hum but is now silent. It is well worth the trouble to make a humming tube quiet. I noticed when burning-in the 6sn7 that the amp stayed relatively cool. It's the back power tube that creates all the heat. I love my Darkvoice 336se and is an awesome value. Thanks ksan for posting the instructions on how to burn-in a humming tube.

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Yep, it's definitely just an issue (the hum that is) of "ageing the 6sn7" and everything goes totally silent. I bought a pair of Sylvania Chrome Tops that are most definitely used and they are both totally silent. All others can be made to go silent by leaving them in and the unit on for 48 hours. It's a bit tedious because you want to be listening to music not burning in tubes, but it does work and to me it is worth the trouble.

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