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Fast shipment and with insurance too.. Extra mile there. Excellent guy to deal with.
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I sold Jim a pair of Beyer black leather pads. He was really cool to deal with, get straight to the point and pay fast. The communication was always good and he answer too all my pms. I would deal with him again anytime.

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I sold Jim a set of Grover S XLR IC's. He was pleasure to deal with and I'd be happy to work with him again.

Thanks again Jim, hope you enjoy your new cables
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Jim bought some Signal Cable power cords from me.
Jim is an absolute pleasure to deal with, and an asset to head-fi.
Super fast payment, and great communications!
He has my highest A+ recommendation!
Thanks morphsci!
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Morphsci bought a pair of xlr cables from me and the whole transaction was smooth. Excellent head-fier!
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Jim bought an AKG K240 Sextett from me. He paid quickly and his communication was great. He is an asset to Head-Fi and I would not hesitate to do business with him in the future!

Thanks, Jim!
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Larry is superb to deal with. Great communication and the fastest turnaround time for anything I have bought online. Highly recommended and quality Head-Fier!
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Sold Jim a set of Stax SRS-005. Super fast payment, highly recommanded. Thanks.
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Sold Jim my EMU 0404USB + XP amp and the cables. Excellent buyer. Paid fast too. Thanks for a wonderful deal, Jim
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Bought a pair of headphones from Jim which arrived well packaged and in good condition. There was an inacurracy in their listing which I felt effected their value and he was happy to give a partial refund for the mistake. Very pleasant person to deal with.
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Bought some modded K340s from him. Shipping was great, communication was superb, and came as described. Got a killer value for these, very happy with them. Very cool guy to work with.
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Jim is the best head-fier HERE!

I bought a pair of he60's and he is a great packager, shipper, and person. Thanks Jim ( morphsci )
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Bought a pair of Sextetts from Jim. He shipped them very securely to Toronto here, and I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again or recommend that others do the same.

Thanks again!
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Bought a pair of Sextetts from Jim as well. Very quick shipping and packed well. Very nice experience!
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I am modding Jim's SRM-001. fast shipping and quick pay. Thanks.
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