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Jim bought a custom Stax SR-001 to Stax 5pin adapter. The transaction was flawless.

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Jim bought my my D02 and couldn't have been more patient and friendly throughout several delays and repair issues.

Thanks a lot Jim, enjoy your DAC.
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Sent payment via Paypal virtually instant! Great Asset to Head-fi!

Good communication as well!
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Was very understanding and patient throughout our deal. I had to delay the shipment for a while due to some financial problems, and morphsci couldn't have been nicer about everything. Truly a class act, and one of the very nicest people on this website.
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Sold him a Statement power cable. Excellent communication, recommended buyer!
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I sold an amp to Jim, and the whole transaction was smooth as buttah! He's certainly a long-time head-fier for good reason.
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I bought Jim's RSA Stealth. He had it sent back to Ray for a minor adjustment and clean bill of health on its way to me. He communicated well throughout the transaction, represented the Stealth very honestly and conservatively, and priced the item fairly for all the added features of the unit and sale. It is a wonderful unit and I was very comfortable with the purchase. I would not hesitate doing business with Jim in the future and recommend him highly to the community.

Thanks again Jim.

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Jim ( Morphsci ) purchased my AKG K340 headphones. He sent payment very quickly with great communication throughout!

I would most certainly do business with Morphsci again!

Thanks again,
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I sold Jim my Fubar II USB DAC. Communication was smooth, and the transaction was perfect. Jim is definitely a trustworthy gentleman who I find to be extremely friendly and patient. He is one of the best people around. Thanks so much Jim!
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Sold Jim my grover's and he's a great guy to deal with. Pleasant, courteous, and prompt in payment. Thanks!
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Sold Jim a digital cable, was very prompt in communication and payment and was a great guy to deal with. An absolutely flawless transaction.
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Excellent Transaction:

Sold Jim some Yamamoto Footers and a Stax Headphone Stand. Prompt payment, good communication.

Thanks Mitch
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Ideal Headfier

Just sold my vibes to Morphsci. Couldn't have had a better transaction in terms of speed, communication, friendliness and fairness. Do not hesitate to buy or sell from this gentleman!
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Jim purchased my Stax SR-Omega headphones. It was quite a large transaction ($4000+), and as a result Jim had to gather up the funds. We agreed on a set date, and he was able to deliver all the funds earlier than expected!

Super friendly and courteous guy -- he's a prof, after all!

Wouldn't hesitate to deal with Jim again.. awesome Head-Fi'er!
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Jim bought my Silver Resolution XLR. The deal was settled with a couple of PM's and he transfered the money instantly! What more can you ask for?

Would not hesitate to do business with him again!
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