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morphsci is a cool reliable dood, sel and buy stuff from him with confidence.

Do it because i said so. Do not disobey me!
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Smooth transaction all around. Quick payment. Very friendly. Thanks again!!
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I sold Jim an Ultimate Outlet. This was a ridiculously easy and trouble free transaction. He wanted the UO and paid promptly and I mailed the unit.... deal done. Jim makes it really easy. I wouldnt hesitate to do business with Jim again.
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I sold Jim some power cords. This was another ridiculously easy transaction. I'll take them.... paypal is on the way.... then I send them out the next day. Jim is a great buyer and highly recommended.
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I sold Jim a HE60/HEV70 set. He is a pleasure to deal with. Paid quickly and prompt friendly communication. Thanks!!!
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Sold Jim a Blue Dragon cable. Everything went smoothly. Thanks!
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morphsci = audio-nice-guy

Sold a Cardas Twinlink PC to him and the entire process was a pleasure.
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I bought Jim's original model SqueezeBox. The price was right, communication great, and even though it originally shipped in its own box, he went ahead and put it in another box for added protection. Couldn't have been easier! Highly recommended!
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morphsci is nice patient guy = positive trasaction

He was a pleasure to deal with, understanding, and i would absolutely recommend anyone to have a transaction or dealing with him on headfi. Fast to ship
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Morphsci purchased my K701s and everything went very smoothly. Great asset to HF. Thanks Jim!
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Bought power 3 cryo from this guy, everything worked as expected. Highly recommended.
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I bought a Denon DCM-370 CD changer from Jim. Everything seems to be OK, although there was an issue with shipping. I will keep my eye on the unit for a week or so, as he offered a refund if it arrived damaged. However, things appear to be OK and if I don't edit this message, consider it a successful transaction. Thanks!
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Jim bought a power conditioner from me. The transaction was extremely straightforward, with quick communication. I love that!

I'd not hesitate at all to deal with him again. Thanks, Jim!
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I sold Jim a modded Eastsound CD-E5.

Jim was very courteous with excellent communication.

He paid very promptly and was a pleaseure to deal with.

Thanks Jim

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Jim bought my Grado HF-1 headphones. He was decisive and precise in communications. Payment was immediate. Great customer. Thanks and enjoy the cans!
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