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Quick payment and excellent communication. A model Head-fi'er!
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Sold Jim some granite. Great communication and a really friendly guy. Very fast payment to boot. Would not hesitate to buy or sell with again. Thanks!
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morphsci purchased some NIB speaker spikes from me, and was super fast in both his replies and payment. A great guy to do business with, I would very happily buy from or sell to him again.
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Sold Jim my Grado 225 woodies. He payed very quickly, and communication during our transaction was fast and friendly. I gladly recommend Jim to any Head-Fier, and would surely do business with him again. Cheers Jim
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Sold some DVD's to Jim, great communication and prompt payment. Would do business again.
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I sold Jim my grado hp1's.

He was a pleasure to deal with, reasonable, and i would absolutely recommend anyone to have a transaction or dealing with him on headfi. I hope you enjoy the headphones!
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I sold Jim my 4G 40GB iPod -- Great guy and incredibly fast payment. Would not hesitate to do business with him in the future. A+++!
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Sold a pair of Grado 325is to morph. Smooth transaction, great communication through the process. Would love to do business with again!
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I sold morphsci a pair of HD-650's, and everything was smooth. Quick payment, and good communication. Wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again.
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Great deal with morphsci. Everything was smooth and easy. A+++
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I just completed a transaction with morphsci and it went very well.
His communication is fantastic and he was very easy to deal with.

I wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again!
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Zu Mobius

Sold Jim my Zu Mobius Cable. Fast payment, clear and concise communcation, 1st class transaction, great doing business with him!
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It's morphsci... easy breezy deal. I didn't hesitate, neither should anyone else. thanks for nice transaction!
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Purchased an archos av320 from morphsci. Great communication and fast shipping. Wouldn't hesitate to do buisness with again.
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Jim bought my Statmat. He was a pleasure to deal with.

- Jason
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