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When not listening to headphones, what speakers do you own? - Page 2

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z560s on the computer.

Mirage FRx series and a polk sub for media.
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Definitive technology BP2004 fronts.

for multichannel - i alos use the BP1x surrounds and C1 center of the def tech brand .
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Obvously, if you have a computer, get the Logitech Z-560's since 3 of us have them (me, juveduke, fappar), they are good speakers, but I feel the need to replace the 8" sub driver with a sony aluminum P5 car subwoofer)
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i own the Altec Lansing ULTIMATE speakers... they are truely beautiful! :-) heres how it look like!

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JM Lab tantal 509s in the main rig and Swan M-200 computer speakers.
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Kef uni-Q series, the Q5's with the matching center.
For my sub I use a Klipsch RSW-12.
They all sound wonderful!!!!
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my comp: Altec ACS-45 (one of the first computer sub-sat combos) ("who needs a subwoofer with a computer?!")
gf's comp: Z560 - bass - 4.1 surround - nuff said

HT - StudioLab 5.3 two way floorstanders (www.speakerdirect.com) - rear = sony speakers from my minisystem (possibly soon to be dipoles?)

LOL my gf's computer has a more elaborate speaker system than my home theatre -

blame all my other "hobbies"
bikes, computer stuffs, headphones

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See sig. Before arriving I had some Optimus, Technics, Cerwin Vegas, Paradigm, NHT, B&W, Energy and finally PSB were I've stayed for 6? years now. Almost went Martin Logan, ProAc and Energy since but always something overall that the PSB just does right.
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my main rig consists of some baby maggie (MMGs) and a Miller & Kreisel subwoofer (MX-90). My computer system consists of Klipsch Promedia 4.1s...
My dads got an all McIntosh system in his study though I don't know the particulars, and also has a secondary setup up there consisting of Counterpoint Clearfields...
In the theater we've got a Boston Acoustics thing going and on--
hmm.. the little brother has a monsoon mx-2000 rig on his puter...

oh, and a small bedroom system in the mbr with a couple Wharfdale Dimand 7.2 Aniversaries.
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Home Theater/Mega Music system = Legacy Focus, Legacy Silver Screen, Legacy Victorias for rear surrrounds, Legacy Studios for side surrounds, Legacy Powered Impact sub (special factory mods)

PC - speaker listening system - NHT Super Ones, and Infinity BU-2 subwoofer

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I won a pair of USB speakers from sony (see them here )
they're not here yet, but I'll most likely use those with the PC, allowing me to take the (crappy) current PC speakers into my room for use with my R900.
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I use a pair of 2Pi high efficientcy speakers (no crossover) with 300B amp. Sounds excellent for a pair of $600 shipped speakers. I love the tonal balance, but the piezo tweeters take forever to break in. Also, the imaging isn't that great. But they sound fantastic overall.

Oh, I also have a pair of Michaura M55 used with a vintage Marantz 2245. Sounds very nice and lush with a pretty damn good soundstage. All at a very affordable price. I use this with my comp.
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Most frequently:

Spendor S3/5A's (bookshelf speakers that I actually keep on a bookshelf! Go figure...)
Sunfire TrueSub Jr. (diminutive deity of the nether regions)
MF A3^CR Pre/Power combo (best sounding SS I've heard, save the A3.2 series)
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Mission Argonaut's
Klipsch promedia 5.1 for computer
A/D/S 345is comps. and Nakamichi SP-W120 sub in car
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At my computer: Paradigm Titans
At my Stereo: PSB Alpha AVs
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