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because i'm poor
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show me the money
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Originally Posted by EEXO View Post
When you slowly move up the ladder, you appreciate the improvements. If you don't know how a bass muddy Senn C300 sounds like, how could you truely appreciate the wonderful bass of the Atrio M5?
+1 I thought the CX300's were great when I got them, but then the sound started to sound very appealing and I kept reading they were bass heavy and muddy. Then I saved up for a month and got some Sleek SA6's and a Cowon D2, after about a week of owning the Sleek's I listened to my CX300's and was shocked at how bad I thought they sounded. I listened for about 30 seconds and couldn't take anymore. So I went and put my Sleek's back in Right now, I work part time, minimum wage, so yeah, customs are completely out of the question, but I wouldn't mind having some one day. I think I may make my own company. Since apparently comfort is an issue for some people, why not make customs that have foam around the outside of the hard acrylic therefore giving you the comfort of foam, the fit of hard acrylic and the best of both worlds?
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i find myself using the pk-1 alot more than my UE-10. while the UE-10 is quite better than the pk-1 imo, i just can't find the time to isolate myself to listen to music. i love the earbuds since they are so simple to remove and it lets me hear the world around me. isolation is not always a good thing.
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I won't go straight to the best for three reasons:

1. I don't want to spend that much money.
2. I'm not sure I would like customs as I've never tried them.
3. I would be afraid to break them so they wouldn't be as portable as cheaper IEMs.
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i'd rather get a better full sized system for real critical listening.
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I've had a long journey, IEM-wise.... EX51, CX300, S.F 5 EB, S.F 5 Pro, ER6, Vibes, every MylarOne, Atrios, SE530, q-Jays, etc, etc. Now I have the UE11.

They're neither more nor less comfortable than most universal fit IEMs I own - but they do indeed have better isolation, and most importantly they combine all the positive sonic aspects of my former favorite universal IEMs (Atrio bass, SE530 mids, q-Jays treble, Vibes soundstage) in one - and even improve them by a bit.

I was always annoyed that the Atrios have excellent bass, but lack clarity and treble, the SE530 have a great midrange, but no real bass or treble, the q-Jays sound too "hollow" with little soundstage, and so on. Why can't there be one IEM that does it all right for my ears?

So I took the plunge and got me some UE11, "straight to the best", as the catchy headline of this thread reads. I usually try to test phones before I buy them, but with the UE11 it's of course impossible. I also give a rat's ass as to what most people write about their sound quality, since I found out I usually hear very different things than what people write in reviews - especially the overly poetic waxing that often can be found here on Head-Fi.

I'm perfectly happy with the results, and I do not regret the purchase one bit. For me, the UE11 are a lot better sounding than the other ~20 IEMs I know well. If UE would release universal "Quadruple.Fi 11 Pro" I would still get the custom version, since the Super- and Triple.Fi housing is one of the worst for me and feels very uncomfortable in my ears.

This doesn't mean the UE11 is the best for everyone (especially for fans of the ER4 and such), just like I certainly wouldn't like the UE10's lower bass response. But personally, I sure am glad that the slow journey "straight to the top" was the right thing for me.
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Life is short. If you tested out the lower UE universal models, adore that sound signature, and have the financial means to get customs, then go straight for UE11s. In addition, you won't have to worry about fitment problems (provided that you get an open mouth impression) because if the universal models fit you well, then that means your ear canals aren't freakishly formed lol
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Sennheiser MX500, Sony EX71 x3 (don't ask), Panasonic HJE50, Senn CX300, Senn PX100

All the portables I have owned alongside the Shure's (selling) and UM2. Its all part of a journey. I would not nearly appreciate my UM2s nearly half as much but for it

And with the amount of money invested because of this site, I do think people need a comparator to get over the wallet hurt

And on another side as much as I enjoy this hobby there are other things in life; rent, food, bills. You have to appreciate things in their own respective right. If somebody enjoys something, they can find something beautiful, get an emotional response, brings them joy... then that is all that matters
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Originally Posted by tommytomickey View Post
show me the money
greed is good.
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