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A question about Xin

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Hi!, I was checking the Xin forums, and after watching some of those funny amps, something catched my eye; he mentioned in the amp's description that the -IV series have a "4 channel technology"; and so, that left me wondering, what are the advantages of this. Any toughts?
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Here's Xin's link where he introduced the new design:

New XIN amps with 4-channel technology

I've never felt the need to wade through the full 33 pages of comment as in the first page he doesn't appear to want to discuss any details of it.

Please note the sticky in this section on dealing with Dr. Xin by the way.
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Yeah, I know about the problems of dealing with Dr. Xin... I am not really interested in buying it, but that feature catched my eye
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Neat Makes me wonder how good 4 channels are when your input/output connectors only have 3 though. It'll be interesting to find out more.
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If only Xin would ship out his amps on time.....
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Forget about "on time", wish he would ship at all ...
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Because I was pretty bored I decided to wade through the 33 pages. It talked about how the concept could be explained simply but he didn't want to for competitive reasons (although it appears to be a derivative work from goto2003). Then he says an PHD EE can't understand it, but a PHD in Math can (???). Then he says he may consider publishing his findings (two years ago). Then the thread is locked because there's nothing more to say. He really hasn't shipped or competed in the marketplace the last year so I don't know what he is worrying about...

He says four channel is really 4+1 so it does have a virtual ground in there.

I'm thinking 1) Xin isn't able to explain things to people (granted not everyone is a teacher) or 2) he's unwilling to give back to the community that provided the basis for his tangential work (kind of low) or 3) The work is more PT Barnum than real research that would stand up to academic scrutiny or 4) he really is a businessman just trying to protect what he sees to be his edge (whether he uses it or not).
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Such a shame, since I really want one of his amps as they're supposed to be brilliant.
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The vendors who know what they are doing put out roughly equivalent portable amps. Try as much as you can afford to do and don't give the hype too much credence.
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Hmm, so something like an XXS would be as good, if not better?
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Thanks for doing all that reading itsborken... it sounds interesting, but you are right in your comments... but I still want the 2move!!
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Yeah, I'm tossing up between a Xin or a Corda XXS
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Originally Posted by nsx_23 View Post
Yeah, I'm tossing up between a Xin or a Corda XXS
I didn't have them at the same time, but my SuperMini IV certainly sounded better than my Headsix, in my opinion.

On top of that, the SuperMini IV was an excellent design. It was small, efficient and very versatile when you consider all the options those little jumpers gave you. It's one of the only portable amps out there that can actually be feasably used in a portable rig. That said, I've since realised that amps are worthless for driving IEMs in a portable rig, but that's a different story.

The Meier amp sounded good, but it's the size and weight of a station wagon. Totally unfeasable to carry around other than in a dedicated bag of some kind, I'd say. It also doesn't have locking jacks, which annoys me a lot.

Basically, I'd unequivocally recommend trying to get the Xin. I found it superior in every way.
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Originally Posted by nsx_23 View Post
Yeah, I'm tossing up between a Xin or a Corda XXS
Had no luck picking up a Xin used recently? I imagine the sellers are looking for a premium since Xin doesn't produce regularly. I had a Move at one time and Dr Meier sends them out quickly. They are both top rated vendors by a lot of listeners here SQ-wise.

The mini3 is also a nice amp that I thinks beats out the move/xxs and can be built at reasonable cost.
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If you look at isborken's last 120 or so posts - you'll realize his/her passion re dumping on Xin without any factual basis whatsoever. A grossly overwhelming majority of his posts are re Xin........it's a fetish. Whenever he/she spots the name Xin - there will be a post or series of posts from his/her corner.
Whatever has happened to Xin during the last 1+ year is truly unfortunate. I'm happy I was able to add a beta Reference to my "collection" (and have a Pico on order). Before this, I owned 2 other Xin mini's.........and was always delighted. These days I have a post April 2007 Supermacro LE, and the aforementioned Xin beta Reference which continue to be keepers.

It was previously mentioned during this thread isborken finally read the thread in its' entirety (which I had been reading all along as it was produced) - wasn't it about time he/she read what was supposedly the basis of all his/her posts? This isborken also accused me of being a fake, a phoney, a fraud, and even Xin himself (although he/she may have subsequently edited them out). These cannot be proud be proud moments and certainly the aforementioned poster should not be lauded!
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