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MarkL Mod made EASY! D2000 (possibly for D5000) template! - Page 3

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Thanks, I think I'm going to try to mod today. Hope I don't mess up.

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Thanks for the template

I was just about to mod mine but after doing a bit of reading it looks like you should only dampen the earcups and the small bit of the rear driver only on the D2000





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Just did a partial mod as per the thread listed by Jonclarke above and previous comments by markl in this thread. My mod involved applying dynamat xtreme to the innermost ring of the rear of the driver, and to the back of the earcup (but not over the gray disk). I'm already using the JMoney ear pads, so I didn't need to do the taper mod. Thanks to coolchu01 for the template - it definitely made things much simpler.


I was a bit concerned that the mod would take away some of the lovely bass impact that the D2000 provides. Thankfully, its still there after the mod, but it seems more controlled now. Overall, a mod well worth doing!

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After trying lots of different combinations, I get the best sound from Stuffed earpads and dynamat extreme on the back of the plastic earcups only, with the gray disc and outer stuffing removed.

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After a couple more days i still have not got the sound i want.

The bass is tight and powerfull and they have great sound stage but i'm finding the cymbals too over powering.


Is there a way to tame down the cymbals?

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Thanks, i did find out about this the other day and received some foam ear pads yesterday.

I will let you know how it turns out

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Does anybody have a copy of that template saved? I'm getting a 404 from http://filer.case.edu/rxt61/markld2ktemplate.pdf. Just got my Dynamat in the mail yesterday and am looking forward to doing this mod as soon as possible.

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Nobody has this template on hand?

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PM sent.

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I am in need of the template as well, so could anyone that has it, please make it available here in the forum? Thanks.



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I'm not 100% sure that this is the latest template because I've had this for some time, but knock yourself out -



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Ah, I was just about to come upload this... here is another link to the same template.



I've used it to cut out what I needed to dampen the cups and it worked perfectly. Cut out the inner circle so it fits around that gray disk and along the diagonal lines for the screw indentions and I'd recommend doing a dry run and putting the dynamat in before taking the tape off to get an idea of how to best approach the task. It would sure suck to mess up somehow the first time and have sticky stuff all over the place.


EDIT: here are some more links to peruse before going through with the mod:



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:) I'm happy to see that some of the members are still using my template after 3 years! I have just updated the original post with updated download links and revised information.

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Thanks coolchu. This template makes the mod much more user friendly.

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