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The D2 is very easy to navigate through. Has many, many features that I don't even really need. I like the sleep timer on it though. I still have to find an AVI converter to put my movies on it to see how well I like the video quality of it. But the SQ is really great. It's not hard to find anything, I like being able to scroll down through my music too. It has a lot of different sound EQ settings, I use the ROC setting with P05 (preset) and it suits me just fine. I love the battery life on it too, I have been listening to music on it since I got it Tuesday and have only had to charge it once, but I have listening to music pretty much from the time I woke up to after I was asleep again. It does tend to have a time gap when switching music I switch quite a few songs right away, but still faster than the Sansa E260R I was using before, and it is a lot easier to use than it too. I also haven't tried the recorder or radio yet either but will comment on them in a few days when I try them out.

The SA6 exceeded all my expectations and from what I've read I think they are understated. Using the Bass + port and Extended Treble tip with the presets I previously mentioned on the D2, SQ is very amazing. I never thought I could hear bass guitar notes that clearly. When listening to Linkin Park's 'Lying From You' I can feel the bass drum in the intro and the intro to Metallica's 'Devil's Dance' is very clear, I can hear the bass guitar at the beginning and when the lead guitar comes in it is not piercing to my ears. It is very clear and concise. The lows are just phenominal compared to the muddiness of the CX300's. The high's are a lot better too, I can hear all the notes cleary and as I said, it is not piercing to my ears. The vocals are not lost in the music either. I love listening to the solo in Disturbed's 'Inside The Fire' because it gets fast and I can hear every note and it is not all run together like it was in the CX300's. Another intro with a big difference is Godsmack's 'Make Me Believe'. The CX300's made it all muddy and just hard to listen to, but the SA6's make much clearer and it is jawdropping how much better it sounds.

I know it will be a long time before I ever buy new IEM's again and it should be a long time before I buy a new mp3 player, but if I need to I will probably get another Cowon. This is pretty much my first time giving impressions of something, but I think I did a decent job.