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IEM under $50 for iPhone 3G

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I just got a new iPhone 3G and what better to compliment it then a new pair of IEM. I currently use a really cheap pair of phillips I got in a pinch because the buds that come with the phone are horrible. I listen to a lot of electro (Justice, Danger, MSTRKRFT), dance, house, nurave/newrave(?) [bands like Bloc Party, VHS or Beta, Yelle, Hot Chip, The Presets] along with normal alternative and the occasional catchy pop song. I'll be using these for my short commute by bike. I'd really like something that blocks wind noise as well. I turn the volume down on the road, but I still want to hear something.

I was thinking about breaking the $50 budget for metro.fi 2 let me know if you guys think they're worth it. Any suggestions/advice would be appreciated.
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Thanks, I like a pretty full sound from all ranges, not particularly bassy or heavy. the price is certainly right though if they put out that kind of sound.

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If you're looking at the metro.fi's for 50+ you should definitely look at super.fi 3s which are only 55-60. (shameless plug: i'm selling a NIB altec lansing UHP336 which is a super.fi3 clone for 55 shipped). It really depends on what kind of music you like. I'm not quite familiar with whats the best at this price point but i've heard good things about the denon c351 and i definitely recommend the jbl reference 220s as a budget canalphone
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Denon 551s are $50 on Amazon.com now, and they get pretty good reviews around here.
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I just got my iPhone yesterday and I took the included headset (ear phones suck, but mic is neat and that damn small plug)... anyway, took a pair of Shure E2's I had lying around since the cables on them where split (go figure ) and just soldered them to the iPhone headset.

I followed some guides that previous members did in upgrading theirs. The cost $ FREE

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