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After four and half days...

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...I know what treble tips and bass ports I like on my Sleeks I use the extended treble tips and the bass + tips (never thought I would use them, but the the extended treble I need 'em) and now with the D2 on preset 5 and Rock EQ it sounds extremely amazing to me, I think since Tuesday afternoon when I got them, I have only not listened to music for about 5 hours at most while I was awake (and I have the sleep timer on when I go to bed). So tomorrow, I will update my impressions and try and get it more detailed than my first impressions.
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WOW! I just started listen to Linkin Parks 'Lying From You' and there is a deep bass drum at the beginning and I could feel it. Wow, I never thought I could have that much bass without it sounding bad. Never again will I buy any cheapo crap muddy bass earphones.
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WOW! I just started listen to Linkin Parks 'Lying From You'

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Ah, I used to have Hybrid Theory on cd, but I sold it to my friend and he lost it, so now I have the music but not the cd and the music I have he downloaded since he lost the cd, so I can get it very good. But I will forever praise the SA6's now. I think it would hard to convince me to switch IEM's later on, unless there are customs that have the same sound as what I am listening to now.
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