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Earbuds for Ipod?

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Hey, so I have a friend who doesn't like the Ibuds, and are looking to upgrade. They do not like over the head 'phones, nor IEM's, and while they may tolerate over the ear 'phones, I believe they would rather earbuds. The two choices I have found are the Yuin PK3's or the OK3's. Now, their budget is around $45, so the PK3's barely fit the budget, while the OK3's don't, but aren't that much more expensive. Should I tell them to go ahead and get the PK3's, or to expand their budget to get the OK3's...or maybe get something completely different? They mostly listen to 70's, and not a big fan of bass. Thanks!
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I was looking for pretty much the same thing and stop searching after falling on the appreciation thread about PK3. I receive them last week and am happy with it !
But truth is that I do not have any good earbuds to compare them with, I enjoy them much more than my SENNHEISER PMX 200 but is it because I was tired of them or because PK3 are actually better?

Anyway, it's sure they are great and in that price range they do not have (m?)any competitor.

I'm using it both with my ipod classic and my macbook pro, I heard a bit annoying "hiss" with the macbook, not with the ipod.

(And sorry for my poor english)
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Go for the Yuin PK3!!!
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Thx for the replies, appreciate it , and no worries nicolas000, your english is very good.
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Sennheiser MX90 VCs are going for $25 on Amazon. I love my pair, but the twist-and-fit is a little touch-and-go. Suits some, not others.
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