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Comply ear tips question?

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I can't find their customer service email through their website.

Anyone know the difference between the 3-pair/5-pair/10-pair purchases?

Are they 3pairs of 3 different sizes? With 5/10 coming in more bigger/smaller sizes?
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They are made in 3 sizes, long in standard diameter, long slim diameter and short standard diameter. They have different models to fit various IEM models. The sets contain identical diameters.
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Aahh...icic thanks!
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Comply™ Foam Tips

Thanks for your inquiry regarding our Comply™ Foam Tips. We offer two styles, the P-series and the T-series.

The original P-series are designed for deep insertion for maximum noise reduction, and come in slim and standard sizes. They are compatible with all Comply™ Noise Reduction Earphones as well as several Westone and Etymotic models.

Designed as a premium upgrade to standard silicone tips, our new T-series are shorter in length than the P-series, offering superior comfort and in-ear retention. The T-series have 4 versions (T-100, T-200, T-400, T-500) that fit most other manufacturer's earphone models.

You can use our tip navigation tool to find the Comply™ Foam Tip compatible with your specific earphone model at Comply™ | Foam Replacement Tips.

As always feel free to PM me with any questions concerning Comply™ products.

Best Regards,

Jeff Koontz
Business Development Sales Manager
Hearing Components
Comply™ Foam Replacement Tips, Noise Reduction Earphones, and Mobile Phone Earsets with Noise Reduction.
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