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IEM's that compare to 325i?

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I have some Grado 325I's, and love how they sound with the music I listen to(Heavy and progressive metal). What IEM's would compare to the quality and signature? Right now I am using CX-300's but they have a very "canned" sound. I have tried Shures and Superfi 5's , and hated both of them. I love my KSC-75's, but I need isolation at my new job.

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this might help

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honestly, marshmallows that are modded correctly and burned over 400 hours. you can REALLY bring out the treble and match the midrange very similarly to ksc75's - all with adjusting the amount of foam density AND length.

or ety/im716 with a very good seal.

other than that i would say sleek sa6 probably fares very well, along with the new customs.
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