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Just washed my Skull Candy Ink'd

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Washed & dried it on accident. The sound works. But question is, is it any way damaged? Is the sound quality of these worst now? I can't tell, but I kinda need to know. Any help is great.
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lol, i think this means something.....


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Well, if it still works fine, then there wouldn't be any reasons to change.

Although having a backup would be a good idea....
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Good, now you can upgrade them

Can the sound any worse?

Well if they work, keep them, but its always good to have a pair to fall back on if they get lost or broken. Maybe upgrade and keep them as a backup?

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^ Agreed. Use this as an excuse to upgrade to a real pair of IEMs, not a weaksauce canalphone.
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Just toss em out and upgrade. You can get far superior IEMs/canalphones for under 30 bucks. If you've got the extra cash right now, you'll be glad you did.
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$30? Gimme some recommendations.
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Well JVC Marshmallows (FX-33) are suposed to be good budget IEM's, and the Air Cushions (FX-66) are supposed to be better IIRC, but cost more, but still under 30 IIRC.

The king of Budget are the Koss KSC-75's, they are clip on's, cheap, sound great for the $ and have many mods to do to improve them, done and explained with pictures by Kramer, search here for them.

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I'm not sure there's much you can do to them that would still have them outputting sound but sounding worse.

They pretty much bottom out on the sound quality scale right from stock.
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For $30, you can get Sennheiser OMX70 Sport and CX300 (maybe even CX400). The CX's are canalphones and the OMX is a wrap around earbud, but it is very comfortable and sounds really good for under $30. Look on Amazon.com for them, you can get them cheap there. I got my CX300's for $30 when the MSRP was still $90.
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IMO CX300's suck, too much boomy bloated muddy bass, no highs or mids.

Marshmallows will blow them out of the water SQ wise i reckon, and the earlier FX33's cost less than the CX300's.
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I've owned the JVC Marshmallows (FX-33), but not the FX-66. The FX-33 are uncomfortable since their plugs are so hard & too big for my ears. The SK to me sounds pretty damn good for only $10. It'll have to serve me for now until I save up for the q-Jays.
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Q Jays are a great choice for someone on a lower budget i hear, and sound very very good for the money too.

KSC75s are a good buy too, and im sure you will even use them sometimes when you have the Q's. Some people think they are so good they use them at home, or put the drivers in a full size headphone!
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I don't think most electronics are water sensitive unless they're being powered while wet.

I've washed and dried my e5cs. They even worked for a year after the incident, until they were 5 years old. Warranty was long expired by then.

Just make sure they're really dry before attempting to test. I waited for a whole week before testing it. Put it in front of a wall fan for the duration too.
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