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Hell's Kitchen
OZ (have all 6 seasons on dvd)
South Park
House MD
Prison Break
Pen and Teller Bull*hit
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I watch a lot of tv shows on Netflix.

First tier shows I love

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Frasier (if the sometimes dry humor doesn't put you off)

Judgement-you might or might not like these, I do

Entourage (racy, not sophisticated, and a paean to excess-but fun and sometimes an interesting look at Hollywood).

Battlestar Galactica: Enjoyable, but overrated on the net...Starbuck is awful in the beginning and better but still somewhat annoying later. Somewhat slow at times. Some very interesting political and religious themes though, I really like that about the show.

Lost...enjoyable if you can get past the ridiculous plot machinations...I can.

Freaks and Geeks...Judd Apatow look at high school, was only on one season. Worth finding, clever and somewhat realistic. You'll see where some of his later stars got their start, when they were much younger.

X-Files...doesn't hold up as well as when I first watched it, and I stopped watching in the later seasons.
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random repeats every now and again of Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond, King of Queens & Honeymooners.
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Battlestar Gallatica
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prison break, lost, the office, weeds, terminator.
however, i rarely watch them on tv. i download and watch them on weekends.
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My favorites are Simpsons and Dexter. Although i barely watch them on the TV, mostly i watch them on DVDs ...
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Oh and i forgot; The Big Bang Theory Good stuff
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- Eureka
- 30 ROCK
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CSI Miami
Law&Order (all flavors, not so much recently)
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I am a sucker for FX's series (Rescue Me, Nip Tuck, ect...). Can't get enough of them. I rate their series right up there with the stuff HBO puts out.
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i'm addicted to that 70s show. i never did watch it when it was on..but i catch the reruns everyday. i even watch em twice...cuz fx shows em again later at night. i also watch the office.
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battlestar, thought it wass gonna be poo, didnt bother watching on tv, thougth wtf, rented it from internet, addicted!

it has everything, drama, betrayal, relationships, politics, greed, mutiny, action, war, etc, beats any other series it competes with hands down imo, refreshing to think a spinoff/remake is actually good!
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Californication (Best. Show. Ever.)
Big Love
Flight of the Conchords
Pushing Daisies
South Park
30 Rock (Funniest. Show. Ever.)
The Office

Geez, I watch waaaaaaaay too much TV !
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Two cheers for the boob tube

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
The Courbert Report
Sponge Bob
Whatever the kids are watching
Deadliest Catch
Man Vs Wild
Dirty Jobs
Tom and Jerry
Football (Steelers and Browns)
College Football (Notre Dame, Penn State)
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Working my way through Deadwood at the moment. Probably the best series I've seen in quite a while. Mind you, overall, I don't watch that much TV. Music books and internet are generally more fun.
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