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Sennheiser CX-300's for $15

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I just realized that despite being here so long, I have no clue where deal threads go, so mods feel free to move (or delete) this post wherever it's supposed to go.

Senn CX-300's are $30 over at newegg with free shipping. Senn currently has a rebate going where if you send in your old headphones (literally anything) you get $x off a pair of headphones, and the CX-300's are on that list for $15.

link for rebate
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actually, if you use the code

PYPLBTS05 on checkout, you can also get another $5.00 off that cost. Don't know how long it will last though
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crap, out of stock already.
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I got a pair for $10 and they should arrive tomorrow. Newegg usually ships really fast (CA to VT in 2-3 days). The rebate is good until 9/30. I'm looking forward to my thrifty purchase!
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So, I got my cx300 and I don't like them very much. I was wondering if a cheap amp like the FiiO will tighten the bass and reveal some more detail in my music. My sources are a Sansa Clip and 30gig Zune. Thanks
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Just got me a pair for $10. The black version is back in stock. Thanks for the incredible deal!
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