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Originally Posted by raelamb View Post
My Shure 530's seal so well already that I'm not sure what the custom upgrade would provide. I get a perfect seal with both the small and medium olives. I used to own the ETY's years ago and had them custom molded and found them uncomfortable even tho the fit was perfect. Most of the time I wear cans, either my RS-1's as first choice when noise issues aren't a concern or my Audio Technica ESW9's when I'm on the subway. I am finding however, I am drawn more and more to the Shure's. As a result lately I've been tempted to take the plunge and go for the UE11's but I just don't know if they'd be worth the extra coin. The Shures just sound so warm and inviting. I personally like the recessed highs cause that used to annoy me greatly in the ETYs. I get a perfect seal. Maybe I'll just leave well enough alone
How do the SE530's compare to the Westone 3's SQ wise? Just how rolled off are those highs on the SE530's when compared to the Westone 3's and the ESW9's? I'm thinking about purchasing the SE530's but I'm not in a position to listen to them. However, I do have the ESW9's. If it's not too much trouble, it would be most helpful to me if you could describe the SQ of the SE530's using the ESW9's as your reference. I'd very much appreciate your impressions, and apologies for hijacking this thread.
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Westone over Sensaphonics

I first purchased Sensaphonics custom molds for my SE 530's. I was disappointed with them. In the end, the cable frayed at the junction with the monitor. Fortunately, they were under warranty. I believe the added bulk put a strain on the cord. The fit was good - external sound isolation was excellent. Sound quality never seemed that great - the nozzles are held quite far outside my canals, which may be why. What I mostly liked about them was not having to wiggle and adjust foamies, or trim triple flanges down to length. Also, I could not sleep with them in (I sleep on my side - TMI?) since they were so bulky.

I bought Westone custom plugs a year ago, and I love them. Sound quality is improved - they are held deeper in my ears. They are smaller, so I can sleep with them in. I don't use stock tips anymore - I prefer the fit and sound quality with the Westones.

In my opinion, the Westones win over the Sensaphonics hands down. The Westones are better than the non-custom tips, but the Sensaphonics are not.

Warning: I had volume attenuation in one monitor after ~1 year with the Westones. The cord did not fray, but I suspect some internal damage. I will have to return them.
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