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Another deal gone good! A++++
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Hirsch bought a headphone off me. Always polite and decisive. Paid instantly. He is very easy to talk to and a nice dude. This is my second transaction with him. And it was exactly like the first one, silky smooth just like him. Great transaction.
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I've just completed another successful transaction with Hirsch. Everything was smooth as usual, with good communication and fast shipping.
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I did a mini-group buy for the ATH-L3000. Hirsch is easily the best buyer I've ever dealt with. Excellent communication, speedy payment, very professional.

Best regards,

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I bought an EarMax Pro from Hirsch. Great communication, prompt shipping. He even threw in a few extra tubes.
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Hirsch bought a headphone from me, and paid immediately. He is great to deal with, and highly recommended.
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I sold Hirsch several 5687's. The transaction was a breeze. The payment was quick and the communication clear and concise. Hirsch is well already well known and well respected on head-fi and he displays the same character in his business dealings... highly recommended!!
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Hirsch rules!

First Hirsch lent me 5 sets of NOS tubes to try out in my Microzotl. Then we made a deal where I sold him my HF-1 for $ and two sets of the aforementioned tubes. Couldn't have been more satisfying. Hirsch is the real deal and a tremendous asset to the Head-fi community.
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Wow - it looks like most of head-fi has already done business with Hirsch

His long list of glowing feedback is completely justified. I purchased 2 pairs of BMC gold interconnects and they arrived lightning fast, carefully packaged with tons of bubble wrap. Hirsch was also a pleasure to deal with; replies were fast and polite. I would love to deal with Hirsch again!
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I purchased Hirsch's RKV. Communication was excellent, shipping very prompt, and the packing meticulous. And of course the product was exactly as described. Hirsch is a very helpful head-fi'er. A true asset to this community.
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Bought a Nomad Zen mp3 player from Hirsch. Arrived in two days. Immaculate condition. Hirsch took special pains to ensure the packaging and shipping were first rate. Made sure the shipment to Canada from U.S.A. was smooth and was very considerate in all communications. I can't say enough about my dealings with Hirsch. Thank you.
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I bought an Ergo AMT headphone, Amp1 and a transformer box full set from Hirsch and he could not have been nicer about the entire thing. Clear communication about any issues I had and careful packing for the trip over the pond. Helped out from his end too when the parcel seemed to have gone AWOL. (stupid Royal Mail)

I would definately buy again from Hirsch.
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I purchased Hirsch's HF-1s and they arrived very fast (2 days coast to coast) and were dare I say OVER-packaged with tons of bubble wrap and peanuts. Hirsch was also a pleasure to deal with; he replies quickly and politely to messages and is an A+ guy. A highly recomended seller.
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I bought Hirsch's HA-1, back in 2003. I was a n00b then and didn't know about the feedback forum. Now I know and I'm catching up. Hirsch is a good seller, our transaction went great!
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Hirsch is the gentleman who responded to my desperate pleas for a SRD-7 Pro. Blazing-fast communication, shipped ASAP, expertly packaged, item exactly as described and functioning perfectly. Thanks Hirsch!
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