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Msjjr; Like you, I am well beyond my "cavity prone years".In school, I was the guy who went to the various garage band rehearsels and hung out and checked out the guitar player. I would go gigs and do the same thing, fascinated by it but too intimidated and lacking the confidence to try it myself. My parents, believing I had musical apptitude, sent me for.... accordian lessons. Man, would chicks dig my version of "Lady of Spain". Cut to present, three years ago, as a birthday gift, I was given a series of 10 1/2 hour guitar lessons. I have stayed with the lessons for 3 years (this August). I have only ever picked up the electric, but I know what you are saying about the acoustic really being the way to truly learn. The guitar for me, along with my music listening is a zen thing, a place where I can go to get away from the stress of my everyday life. The music I love and the musician heros I have (Jimi, Jeff Beck, Knoffler, Peter Green, Duane, Eric, the three Kings, Joe Pass, Lighten Hopkins, T Bone Walker, etc. etc.)are all electric guitars players.
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electric is easier? wild. glad no one told me. i mostly taught myself on my dad's classical guitar like 10 years ago, and since everyone in high school and jr high was always into electric i stuck with acoustic. it's fun playing songs people associate with electric and jamming them out through an acoustic. the only thing is i can't do that crazy note bending especially because i usually run pretty heavy gauge strings. but i manage. the rare times i do play someone's electric i'm always like, good god these strings bend a lot. weird animal.
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Boy, no one has posted here in a long time. DId everybody stop playing guitar for some reason. Well I am starting back up. Short story, I just retired and I need something to do, that isn't too expensive and I enjoy doing, I was looking around and thinking and I happened to walk by a Guitar Center store, walked in and now I am looking to get back into the hobby. I haven't touched a guitar in 20 years so it is going to probably be like starting over from the start again. I do remember a few chords though. I haven't bought a guitar yet as I am looking and trying to decide what I like. Back when I used to play a lot I had a Gibson SG and a Fender Twin Reverb Amp. I would still like to stay with Gibson but maybe shift to a more affordable version, Epiphone. I am looking at the Les Paul Custom Pro or maybe a Casino. I am also finding myself REAL interested in getting a Fender too, either a Strat or a Tele. I like the fact that you can customize them yourself, both cheaply and without end. I came across the Warmoth site and the variety of bodies and necks you can get is amazing. So as it stand now I am looking at getting an Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro and a Fender Mustang 2 amplifier. Going to learn to play the blues. I got a couple good books and there are a couple places on youtube with a good series of video lessons dedicated to the blues.

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