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Originally Posted by Hifisnubben View Post

According to Lawton's homepage ( they had some d5000 cups for sale 2013 ) the following text are displayed - PLEASE NOTE: The stock Denon woodies will NOT natively fit a D2000! Only our Custom Wood Chambers will natively fit your D2000. We do not install these cups on the D2000, nor do we provide instructions for doing so.

I guess the answer is no. Then again, getting spare cups is probably not a easy task to begin with.

The key word there is natively. They will fit. They just need some tweaking and some slight trimming/sanding etc on the inside. You can tell if you look up Tyll's article on the DX000 series in which he took the entire headphones apart. The hook mechanism that attaches the D2000 cups and the D5000/D7000 cups are slightly different and you can visually see that in Tyll's pictures. They will fit just fine and perfectly in terms of size and dimensional integrity. Getting them locked into place is just tricky that's all. 

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I just scanned this, but I believe it is instructions for replacing D2000 cups with D7000 cups.  It probably is the same with D5000 cups.



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It's probably just easier if you chop the plastic stands off. At least that is what I did. Works with D5000 cups.


edit: just noticed that it's the second post in that thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/502070/how-to-create-a-d2000-woody-on-a-budget-56k-warning#post_6779140

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