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Please use this thread to share your experiences with all the transactions you had with me

Thanks and happy listening!
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Darkkopi bought my APS ER4P, it was a very smooth transaction, He's nice guy n Great to deal with. Highly recommended !!!! A+++

Thanks !!
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Darkkopi bought some custom cables and things from me and was great to deal with from start to finish. The project was a unique one off thing and took a long time for it all to come together. Tony was patient the whole time and knew what he wanted. Communication was always fast and friendly, and he paid as soon as we had made deals.

I highly recommend Tony to anyone.

Thanks Tony!
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I had the pleasure to buy Darkkopis Ultrasone Edition 9 recently. He is a very gentle and nice person to deal with. The phones were in very good condition and were shipped right away.

This is how a perfect transaction should look like!

Thanks again, Darkkopi!

Happy listening
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Darkkopi bought my APS V3 HD800 cable. The transaction was smooth, very good communication, and fast payment! I'd fully recommend him to anybody!

Thanks Darkkopi! Enjoy your cables
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Have bought a couple of items of Darkkopi and always felt a satisfied customer after every deal.

A polite, friendly and flexible person.

Deal with him in confidence.

Thank you!
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