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closet head-fiers?

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inspired by the audiophile/non-audiophile thread, i was wondering if anyone out there does like i do and keeps their addiction secret. i try not to keep too many headphones out in the open for people to see when they come by the apt, and i try not to let on how much i know about them all. when i'm out i keep my headphone amp in my bag and disconnect it if i have to take out my ipod or md player or whatever. i just don't feel like defending the ridiculous amount of money some of this stuff is worth nor defending against the superiority of v600s or triports. my neighbors have an inkling of my head-finess since they sign for my packages sometimes and one of them said to me once, "why don't you just end all this and get some v600s like mine?'" i said, "i don't know... i think i have enough headphones as it is." (which i now think i do anyways) i mean he's happy with his gear and i'm happy with mine. why bring my ridiculous obsession out between us.

so yeah, any other closet head-fiers out there?
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I pick my battles. Depending on the person, I'll hide a varying degree of it. I have two good friends that get to know most of what's going through my head about headphones (and they get to listen too =D) - but for the most part it's easier to just shut up.

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no but im a closet furry
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*raises his hand* I throw all my stuff in my secret audio drawers save my CDP so people don't get weird and start asking all sorts of questions. Plus so my parents don't get on me about all the gear I have

My hobby has leaked out a bit brothers know that I frequent a certain headphone message board. My dad has seen my amp and recommended I get a radioshack cable for my PCDP since my JMT silver lace mini is "not as flexible and weird". In fact my brother just asked me for headphone advice since his streetstyles broke...hmm...of course, he listens to 128kb mp3s, doesn't buy his music, and likes avril lavigne so why should I help him
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I recommend people stuff, they ask me, and I tell them I make cables but I don't really go on and on about it. I don't have a lot of stuff but since it's different, it maybe noticible. I guess since I don't try and hide it, I'm not in the closet.
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I have recently become a closet head-fier because of a bad experience. About 3 weeks ago, I could no longer keep the awesomeness of my musical obsession silent, so I went and told a few people about how incredible my sound system is. Of course they asked the usual questions, and then after a few days everything was back to normal. Or so I hoped it would be. It was really starting to bug me that every single day I walked into my programming class (basically the only people I told), everyone would start rambling on about the price, headphone amp, etc., and eventually made plenty of ongoing jokes about my obsession. Even weeks later, everyone would find amusement in the same comments from the same people every single day. This traumatizing exerience has made me very paranoid and made me not want to ever talk about music again.

Closet head-fiers, stay in the closet!
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damn. that sucks musiclover. sounds like some next level assholism i can't even imagine. but i happen to be someone people don't seem to want to cross as per my reputation for solving problems through less than pacifistic means. wish i could call in a beat down for you.

and goat, you're a furry? those guys are hilarious. good times...
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MusicLover: Their jealousy runs deep.
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ROFL usc, furries PWN!!!!
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I am a closet head-fier. When someone does ask me about how much my equipment costs....I just tell them the MSRP, and tell them I got a huge deal on them. That usually shuts them up, and makes them think I got a great deal on the stuff....which I usually do.
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the only flak i get is from my parents. when they saw my altoids Cmoy, they flipped.
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Geek Pride!

Most definitely not a closet Head-Fier here, I flaunt my insanity
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Closet? Hah. Everyone I know knows about my addiction with... Music. I have no rediculous prices to go on about however, since most of my equipment is either built by myself or something of very low cost that I modified to increase potential. People love my new $8 Sony single tray cd player, with it's new powersupply and output stages. It already had dual high-end BB dacs in it (who would have thought) so theres no need to go there, really.

Everyone in my family knows I'm extremely sensitive to sound, and that I'm addicted to music. I've never had a friend or family member listen to my system and say that their bose system is better, either. Or any of their systems, for that matter. Put on some good classical and a pair of HD580s powered by the latest and greatest of Xanders op-amp powered weirdness, and away we go. I've yet to have one person NOT be extatic about what they were hearing.

I'm sure there are those few people however who can't stand it if it doesnt sound horrible rumble the floor and shred your ears off with soaring treble and crap like that..... When the local teenager gets cocky about his fisher speakers, just bring up the fact that fisher manufactures mass-market mid-fidelity audio systems that are sold in retail chains and sold to millions of people at about 75 percent markup. Do you know what imaging is? No. I wouldent think so, since you're speakers are barely capable of it. Stereophonic sound was invented for this purpose, not just to sound "fancy", average 60s fullrange speakers of the higher end nature can do this, you're bose aplasticmess or fisher speakers fail miserably, yet my headphones are quite good at it. Having ear mounted drivers without phase distortion and other anaomly, which can represent instrumental timbre with one thousand times the accuracy of those "speakers."

Theres also this thing about making recordings like the one you're listening to, and how we all love to use great speakers to do so. The only fishers I know of in the studio are the ones next to the RadioShack Nova's, and the Yamahas and cheap JBLs.

I mean, afterall, we DO ABSOLUTELY have to make sure it sounds good on a piece of **** system like yours, as well as a high end one. How i wish that werent true.
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count me in...i hang all my headphones in my closet, simply becaue they look nice when hanged and easy to keep away from my friends
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hehe. got carried away there, you see theres this guy with a pair of fisher speakers, and...

well, you know.
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