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amp for grados

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current system: grado 225 + airhead + panasonic portable.
what would be a good amplifier upgrade that would work well with
the grados? portable & non-portable suggestions welcome.

thanks, josh
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The new Porta-Corda looks like a winner!
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I have to admit it is a cute looking amp, but would airhead -> Porta Corda be
much of an upgrade? Has anyone heard it yet? Any comparisons to
the airhead? How about the original Corda?
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My supposition regarding the sound of the Porta-Corda is purely speculative based upon the reputation of Jan Meier, the Corda, and some comments he made here earlier in answer to questions regarding the Porta vs the Corda home. I would be willing to bet it sounds better than the TA, but that's purely speculation on my part.
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The Grado RA-1 is battery powered, and is supposed to work well with Grado headphones...it's not quite as easy to move about as an amp that's designed as a portable though. (I have only heard the Grado amp through Sennheisers, so my thought that it would work with Grados is only a guess )
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