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Metal Case Problem

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Hi Everyone,

I made a cmoy a few months ago and originally put it in a plastic case but on the weekend I found a nice metal case to put it in.

The problem now is that I'm getting a ground loop since the RCAs and the power connector are not insulated.

One solution I can think of is to insulate the holes in the case either with tape or get some rubber grommets.

Are there any other options?

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Some RCA jacks come with nylon washers which will insulate them from a metal chassis, then they have a washer with a solder lug for the ground connection. If look for them, you will find them - Mouser or Radio Shack or elsewhere.

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Krunchy K,
I had the same problem. What I did was put shrinkwrap around the power jack, drill a little bigger hole to accomodate for the shrinkwrap and that's it. When you put the shrinkwrap over the jack, make sure that the shrinkwrap extends over the threading so when you screw on the nut it squashes down and forms a barier between the case and the nut.
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Hi artmusic247

I had the same problem. What I did was put shrinkwrap around the power jack
Sounds like a great idea Over the weekend I managed to track down some insulated RCA sockets but was still scratching my head about the other sockets.

Thanks again
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A neet solution that someone hear sugested was to mount the DC Jack in a Rubber Hole Groument. do a search. and you might be able to find it. What i do is use the same Type of Sholder Nylon washers that Quality Chass mounted RCA Jacks use. These will Fit most Chassis mounted 5.5 x2.1 MM Coax type DC Power jacks.
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