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Best headphones for guitar practice?

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Hello everybody,

I am looking for good headphones, and my search brought me to this forum, which seems to be choke full of knowledgeable people!

My name's Olivier. I'm a guitar player, and I would like a good pair of headphones to practice while the kids are sleeping. So I play through a Digitech preamp / multi FX, which goes into my PC soundcard and out some M-audio speakers, which is where I was thinking of plugging headphones at night to practice (I'm not plugging in straight from the preamp because I got a recording software running on my PC).

I have come across a few models I like, and I'd like to remain under $200. Right now I'm leaning towards the AKG K271 MkII which I found for $171 shipping included, but I also like the Audio technica ATHM50, which apparently are very good too. Anyone got any recommendation for someone in my situation? It would be much appreciated.

I'm looking for something that could reproduce nicely all the dynamics a guitar is capable of, and I don't want something with exaggerated bass...
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You might want to consider some Grado SR-225, as they will also be good for a variety of other music and they do guitars well in that price range. For that matter even a Grado SR-60 would be good, but the extra money will get you an improvement in transparency and frequency response.

If you need closed phones, I find my Ultrasone HFI-700 do guitars well, and you could probably find a pair in that price range.

I have tried all of these with my Ibanez and a Dean Stack-in-the-Box guitar headphone amp. The SR-225 were borrowed and I liked them a lot, but my budget was bigger and I bought the RS-2 and then RS-1 (which are way out of your budget). I still have the SR-60 and HFI-700 because they don't suck.
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Thanks. I have heard very good things about the Grados, except that they were not very comfortable, is that true? They would have to be for me (especially since I wear glasses), since I wouldn't want my practice time to be cut short because of not-so-comfortable headphones...

Edit: I don't want to have to use an amp though, and from what I hear the K271 needs one to sound its best. What about the audio technica ones? The ATH-M50?
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I agree on the Ultrasone but my vote goes to HFI-580. What this thing does to guitar sound is very real and crunch reproduction.
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I think that judging by the reviews I've found, I'm going to go with the AT ATH-M50. I found some brand new ones for 88$ on ebay, can't beat that, and it looks like the twice as much expensive K271 do not offer such a huge improvement. Plus they apparently definitely need to be amped as well, so no...
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Originally Posted by analogbox View Post
I agree on the Ultrasone but my vote goes to HFI-580. What this thing does to guitar sound is very real and crunch reproduction.
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Alessandro MS-1 is very cheap and very good. They are modified Grados, altered to Alessandros design (who also makes guitar amplifiers), and they are great for accurate guitar reproduction. MS1 also comes with comfy pads which are pretty comfortable. They are open headphones though.
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Seems like you don't want to spend too much, so I would vote for the MS1 :-)
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Over the audio technica? I'm going to look into those. Damn, I thought I was done!

Can't find where to buy them though...
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Alessandro High-End Products: Music Series Headphones
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Also, I play guitar as well and I'm definitely considering either some Alessandros or Grados.
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I'm always forgetting about my Alessandro MS-1. They are better than the SR-60, but I am not decided on whether they are better than the SR-225. They are good enough that when I went to the RS-2 and RS-1 for considerably more money, I kept the MS-1 but not the SR-225 (redundant). I do like the MS-1 for Jazz better, but the SR-225 were better for Rock and electronica music.
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