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I have to say I really don't understand why people love living in LA... It's hot or hotter, the traffic is horrible, the nightlife leaves a lot to be desired, and the beaches are filthy! There's not much to do that isn't loads better elsewhere....

On the other hand, I LOVE Seattle. You have great nightlife, and wonderful outdoors all easily accessible. You can live in the city, the country, or a suburb and have quick access to the others. The weather is moderate and yet you get a taste of all 4 seasons. What's not to like?

Portland and Vancouver BC are pretty nice too.

San Francisco seems nice but is rather expensive.

Oh yeah, and there is nothing in the world like tropical rain. That's the thing I miss the most about Hawaii...
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Originally Posted by davidhunternyc View Post
I think when you are picking and choosing the best places to live, the politics of the place is paramount... unless you live in Eden, Nirvana, Narnia, or an ivory castle.
Really? Because the 40 posts prior to yours did not criticize any one particular government policy.
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Then you did not read my post about NY. I live here and I would not put it on the list.
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Originally Posted by alex1pdx View Post
Now I feel guilty that I didn't put my home city, Portland, on the list. Human nature; the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.
Another vote for Portland here, but I wish you people will stop talking about it. I remember when Seattle was beautiful and quiet, then it was really hyped like in the 90s, then people started moving to Seattle because it was quiet. Now the traffic is like Southern California traffic. Portland is not too crowded, yet.

Here are a few thoughts about Portland after moving to California:

Portland has a lot of green grass, with a 4,000 acre city park. The city is clean, and most of her citizens take great pride in the city and keep it well-maintained. Grafitti and trash are not prominent on the West side. There's lots to do for people of all ages, persuasions and interests. It is really very pleasant to walk around the city with the trees and river adding to the experience.

The rain isn't really that bad - doesn't stop you from biking or hiking most of the time. Air is generally fresh, and it doesn't get too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter.

Transportation works well, with a very usable public transportation system (train and bus - free in the downtown area). Vehicular traffic, while it can be heavy getting in or out of the city during peak hours, is much more bearable than other major cities. Plus typical commuting distances are rather short, in the order of single-digit miles. Portland is a very bicycle-friendly city (dog-friendly as well).

The airport has a fairly comprehensive list of destinations, and has very friendly and helpful people. It's large enough to serve you, but not so big you'll get lost. If you feel like driving, there's lots to explore for a short weekend trip around Portland: the mountains, river and gorge, the beach.

Portland has great restaurants, though they're getting more and more expensive. Pretty good selection of fresh produce for a city, everything from mom-and-pop shops to Safeway to Whole Foods and smaller purveyors of fresh organic food.

L.A. is an acquired taste, and even then you either love it or hate it. The greatest thing about L.A. is the diversity (and weather when it's not summer). There's a lot to see and experience, but you have to be prepared to put up with the drive to do any of it. And once you get to wherever you are going, you have to contend with crowds of people.
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In Asia, a nice comfortable city is Singapore...although it can get boring sometimes as its small & highly commercial but it has lot to offer being in Asia.
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I reckon Melbourne isn't too bad.

You definitely need a car though. Public transport is rubbish (I have to wait 30mins for a but to uni).
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Melbourne and Sydney used to be in the top 10 or 20 but I think they have slipped. I would rank Melbourne in the top 10 if I could afford the lifestyle I want.
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Originally Posted by Uncle Erik View Post
Portland, Oregon. All the benefits of a large city while it feels like a small one. I find the weather agreeable, too. I'll go back when I can, but Los Angeles isn't half bad.
LOL, that one thread about Living in Vancouver, WA and shopping in Portland had me thinking of moving back to Oregon.

Perhaps we could have a SoCal Head-Fier Mass Exodus to Portland/Vancouver area? Would make organizing meets easier.

But I kind of like my ocean views....

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I like Barcelona.
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There are many cities that qualify as the best to live in. Me, I prefer to be in Hawaii. Born and raised in Hawaii, I can't imagine living permenantly elsewhere. I would miss the people and the year round beach weather we have here. I would also miss the laidback life style we have in the islands. The drawback about being in paradise is that cost of living here is expensive.
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San Francisco. Great food, great views, clean air. The best walking city in the United States. All in a nice compact 49 square miles. It's hard to beat. Yes, it's expensive. Most enjoyable large cities are.
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Originally Posted by LUMIERE View Post
San Francisco. Great food, great views, clean air. The best walking city in the United States. All in a nice compact 49 square miles. It's hard to beat. Yes, it's expensive. Most enjoyable large cities are.
LOL, I beg to differ on the walking thing. Unless you like really steep inclines, which is why that noisy cable car is so popular.

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The only city I've ever lived in is London, UK. I was quite lucky that I lived with dad, who was in the armed forces... so you basically lived in a safe, guarded environment. The area was wealthy, and everything was well maintained locally.

For me, in that environment, I loved London.

However, as with all cities of that size, for every nice area (we were in Stanmore, which is only just London), there is at least 1 terrible area. Were I to have lived in London by myself, I coudn't have afforded anywhere near that protection. I'd have ended up in somewhere pretty bloody awful, and I wouldn't have fitted in. I'm very chilled out and hate confrontation, don't do drugs and despise anything which upsets the peace. In that scenario, I'd have hated London.

Given the choice in fact, I'd rather not live in ANY city. For me, cities are places to visit due to the wealth of facilities on offer. They are good for shopping, entertainment... but I'd rather live somewhere quiet.

I'm now living outside Liverpool, which has some nice areas, but with it's current 'Capital of Culture 2008' thing going on, it's a bit full of itself. I won't say any more because I'd be digging myself a huge hole with anyone from here based in Liverpool
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Originally Posted by RYCeT View Post
SF, Seattle and Hawaii will be the top of my list for US. I haven't been to Hawaii, however for SF and Seattle, Sydney (Australia) trumphed them both.
I have my bias since I went to college there and several of my bestfriends lived there. My plan will be to spend my retirement in Sydney. So far, Vancouver (canada) is the only city which I consider on par or better than Sydney.
Singapore is also not that bad. But, that's because I'm an Indonesian and Singapore is like an Indonesian city without its problem (crime, cleanliness, traffic, order)
US offers a lot of opportunity. However for quality of life, a place for family, children to grow up, other industrialized country have a better offer.
u cant stay in south east asia if you hate humid climate. I'd very much prefer to endure the chilling winds in Toronto than to put up with an aquarium condition in my underwear
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Originally Posted by guyx1992 View Post
Jerusalem, great weather, historical and religious significance.
Too bad that there are terror acts.
Jerusalem? The greatest city in the world to live? I guess its different strokes for different folks.
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