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It would be nice to hear about places that people have been and why they that place is the best compared to other places. It is boring to hear what someone tabulated and calculated with a formula. I have been to quite a few places in North America, but not much on other continents.
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Vancouver, BC in the summer, San Diego, CA in the winter.
I am going up to YVR for the Celebration of Lights tomorrow and it always amazes me what a beautiful city Vancouver is. Great food, clean (the downtown area), Stanley Park, etc. Fleeing to San Diego during the Oregon winter rains isn't bad either.
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Portland, Oregon. All the benefits of a large city while it feels like a small one. I find the weather agreeable, too. I'll go back when I can, but Los Angeles isn't half bad.
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The best city to live in is where your family and friends are, where you are happy with your job, where you can go out and have fun and feel safe and raise your kids in a friendly environment. To me, that city is a small town called Redlands,CA.
I have been to Europe, China and all over North America. Of the cities I love, the following ones come to mind:
San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, Chicago, Victoria Island in BC, Lyon in France; Ancy in France (what a beautiful city!), Barcelona, London (I love London!), Perrouge in France (very small medieval town, not much to do, but I'd love to have a place over there); Sedona, Jerome and Besbee in Arizona.....and the list goes on and on. Wherever I go, I enjoy the scenery, the locals, and respect their culture and their eccentricities too.
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Now we are getting somewhere. Isn't this suppose to be about the best places in the world? I grew up around San Diego and though the Pacific and the weather is fantastic, I wouldn't rank it as amongst the best in the world. San Diego has the great blue ocean but inland there is the beige ocean of suburban track homes.
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Jerusalem, great weather, historical and religious significance.
Too bad that there are terror acts.
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Honestly it sounds daft, but it depends on what you like. I personally have been to many countries (well over 30), and countless cities (and stayed for reasonable period of time in many) and don't believed there is one best, rather there are many.
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Probably Geneve or Zurich....highest quality of life in the world, beautiful climate....
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Obviously, I like the cities the most where I know people. The more, the better. But based on somewhat elusive objective standards, I'd say Zurich. This city has insanely high living standard, even for the middle class. With a populace of under 400k, it offers everything that any million-city offers, and more. Safe, relaxed, understated, clean, metropolitan, beautiful and rich. It's also the best city for finding a well-paid job. Plus, you get paid more for working less compared to neighboring countries. Some random examples: free drinking faucets every few hundred meters. Soccer goals are never locked because nobody steals them anyway (why steal, if you can buy...). If you lose your watch in the river, call the police and they'll send their diving section on a little practice session and get your watch. And so on. Some downsides: you have to speak German, most Swiss people are all a bit too nice (not very exciting people) and generally speaking, everything is almost too good to be true, so it isn't as thrilling as some other places (yes, this is a luxury problem).

Personally, I prefer Shanghai or Beijing because they're more exciting. Chicago, New York and Paris were also great cities where I could live for a while. Never been to London for more than a day, but I heard it's great, too.
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Hmm my "best cities" depend on the state that I'm in...

I really liked Kyoto, Japan, but living costs are quite high and houses are small-ish. beautiful city, for sure.

SF had a great mix of everything - beautiful landscape, exciting ventures through downtown and chinatown, nice parks, and good wine and dining. However, Housing prices are ridiculus, as well as "fun" costs. I would live there if I could make some serious cash.

If I wanted job opportunities and looking to make lots of money only, Seoul and Shanghai would be great. I wasn't impressed with their pollution, though.

The most beautiful cities I've been in were a tie between Istanbul and Prague. I can't compare them to any north american cities in terms of their beauty.

Vancouver, like SF, is good mix of everything: good food, great people, fun things to do in and out of the city. Recent jump in housing prices gets me little worried, but still cheaper compared to SF. Oh, and great outdoors if you enjoy skiing, mountainbiking, hiking etc.
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Originally Posted by Meliboeus View Post
Probably Geneve or Zurich....highest quality of life in the world, beautiful climate....
I see your Geneve and raise you a Santander (Spain). Expensive cities to live in earning a midclass wage, but they're really wonderful.

I could live in Firenze (Florence, Italy) too if it were a bit less hot and crowded in summertime. Antibes in France is also a nice town, I don't think it would qualify as "city", but who cares!

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If you answered Vancouver, Canada you are correct.
Your prizes are en route.
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I'm in San Francisco and it easily qualifies. I regularly visit NYC, Miami, LA, and Chicago, and SF stands up tall.

NYC is about equal in my opinion in terms of the culture-factor. Depends on your personality more than anything IMO (10x bigger, much more dense, general attitude differences).

I very much want to live in NYC for a year or two before I settle down, both towns are my favorite US cities.

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It also depends on how much money you have, what lifestyle you can afford.
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i would not say tokyo at all. it is too crowded, too many random deaths, fear of earthquakes and unbearable smog make it quite a poor choice. it is also rampantly rising stress crimes, expensive audio electronics etc make it a sore spot. however, it has a wonderful rail system that is way too expensive and great mobile phones that take a doctor's degree to figure out. (i had a 16 year old, sorry, 2 sixteen year olds try to figure out how to transfer my mail address using infared port: they gave up after 5 minutes). i vow to get an iphone.
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