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List me the best headphones for PC gaming

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When I want to play FPS games like QUAKE 4 or DOOM 3 or Call of duty 4
or even starcraft II (soon to come I hope)
Mass effect or Splinter cell
or what ever

What headphones will you recommend me?
What will give me the PURE best gaming exp (a lot of bass, clear, can be put on the ears for a long time, and so on)

Let's hear it
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With all due respect:

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Mine are SA5000
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SennHD595 are good for gaming but because they are full sized they get hot and heavy in long gaming sessions so prefer to use a cheap pair of Koss KSC-75 for most gaming. They sound fine and do not distort like most cheap headphones do and they are very comfortable and light. Perfect for long gaming sessions.
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I prefer full size ones
And don't mind open type (no one in the room except me)
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Go for the hd555's or the AD700's. Both in your price range and both great for gaming! Wait I don't even know your price range but these cans I amazingly cheap for the performance. Oh and don't forget the dt770's, they are the bassiest of the three!
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i second those choices- decent bass and great detailed highs (which u need for shooters)
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I've been doing tons of lurking on these forums and a couple others and I have found that quite a few people like the Beyerdynamic DT770's for gaming. They have strong bass so watch out
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dt 880 or dt 770
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What's your price range?

As it stands me and my brother die for the ATH-A900. Battlefield 2 and TF2 are awesome-sounding. *BOOM*
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AD700s may be a little light on bass for most.

A900 is a good suggestion, with stronger bass, but they're closed-back and may get hot and sweaty underneath the cups.
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Hd650's for me..
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I would say for me, the HFI-780. Even the AD700 that sitting in my closet.
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Go with the Razer AC-1 soundcard, and the HP-1 headphones...
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Look at my sig...

The best gaming dynamic headphones are the Beyer DT880 '05s and the AKG K601s.

Better then both the Senn 595s and the Ultrasone HFI 780s.

In particular, much better soundstage and comfort.

Or if you want the best, go electrostat.
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DT770Pro for me, play COD4 everyday in leagues
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