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To mod or to build ?

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Hi Guys,

I jsut received my DT770's (250) and my TA doesn't drive them as well as i had hoped.

Any ideas on what i can do ?

modify the TA
Build a CMOY
Build another amp for it.

preferably portable. Thats right ppl if u so some dude in sydney walking around with long hair listening to DT770's thats me
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But build what ? eheheheh
Something that will have enough juice to power these suckers.

Will a CMOY power these things ? has anyone used one with a DT770 ?
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I believe a Cmoy would do just fine. Couple of 9v's and 470uF PS caps. My Cmoy drives my HD600s just fine.
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I thought DT770 has 600 ohm impedance. (Check it plz) I do not own DT770 but I have experience with 600 ohm headphones. (I use AKG K240M 600 ohm headphones)

DT770 will do fine with original CMOY. But as JMT mentions, it is recommended to use dual 9V PSU. Gain is a little high and you can lower it. But then I am OK with Gain = 11 on my K240M.

If you are confident with your building skills feel free to go for any other amps in the HeadWize library. However, please read carefully because some of these amps are designed for certain impedance headphones while some are not and can drive almost any headphones.

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the DT770s come in 600 and 250 ohm versions. For more information, please see HeadRoom forum.
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