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Anti-Cables Appreciation thread

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I just recieved my pair of Anti-IC's and let me tell you, on the first listen these babies outclass by Au24 by a mile, and only 100$ a pair!!
Anyone else try these and/or love them?
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hmm, I guess no one has ever tried these. check it out:

Anti-Cables | Home
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In Poland they are quite popular and said to be strong players in the $500 region. I ordered Oyaide PA-02 in the meanwhile as I received different feedback from people regarding Anti IC's. Till now I've been using IXOS 104, really good IC just below $100, also winning in comparisons with several times higher priced competitors.
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I am more interested in someone making homebrew "anti-cables" and selling them here. (MOT)

The actual material from my understanding isn't very expensive.

I have dying to try these for a while, but never had the budget for them.
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I use the speaker cables and like what they do for my system. For these, I recommend going bare wire, take the anti-cables termination off and scrap off the insulation. Cleans up the sound nicely.
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had a k1000 pigtail made of anticable. sounded okay, but PITA to move around and situate properly, so i sold it. too thick for my tastes...
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I've heard them at meets, twice, but then again with no base for comparison, I don't know what to think of them? Elongated slinky?
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The theory behind the built is intelligent and precise. I measure shunt capacitance through the wire and it was roughly 10pF, which is extremely low. In terms of sound: very open, great soundstage. Love em!
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I've been disppointed with a few hyped up audio products; but the Anti-IC is no hype for sure.

Except for a very slightly recessed treble and not the most controlled and tight bass (on my system), I can find no fault.
Acoustic and vocal sounds very real and images well. Though I'm not sure if they're sound good with really full bodied and dark sounding system though. I thought it sounds a like the Oritek X-1.

Mine has Neutrik RCA but I'm looking into buying another set with Bullet RCA to see if there's any improvement. I've read somewhere that they offer silver connector option that's not indicated on their site but they didn't reply to my query on this.
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my IC w/Eichmann Bullets and speaker cables are keepers. Paul and his wife are a pleasure to deal with too.

@ majkel:
i equally like my Oyaide PA-02 w/Furutech RCA, but they definately don't sound like the Anti-Cable.

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Judy replied on new silver AC:

Our Silver IC's are with silver wire and silver Eichmann plugs that are black. We do not carry the blue anymore.
Cost for 1mtr = $250.00
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Originally Posted by milkpowder View Post
I've heard them at meets, twice, but then again with no base for comparison, I don't know what to think of them? Elongated slinky?
I was just about to post the same thing, may have been the same meet in fact. I certainly had no complaints about the sound coming from the system they were in!
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The anti-ic has been on my system for over a week now. I have not listened to my stereo since day 2 that the cables were installed; until last night. The highs seemed more prominent with better image focus, and bass is slightly better controlled. Doubt I'm imagining things as the effect is quite obvious - so I think these cables need a bit of time to settle down after being moved around - that's strange.
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I thought i'd resurrect this thread. I tried the anti ic's on my stereo setup and loved them but have to get rid of that setup now due to space concerns. I then tried them on my stax lambda setup and felt the sound was too thin compared to my eichmann express 6 IC's. I am awaiting the KICAS amp and will try them again on my hd650's and see how they sound with that combo.
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Honestly, I thought this thread was about people who doesn't believe in cables.
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