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Mouse for at home. Trackball in small/crowed lectures @ college.
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Mouse whenever I can.
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Trackballs are great for use in the living room, as they don't require a mousing surface.
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Mouse (right or left handed) , Trackball, Pen/Tablet, Touchpad... whatever does the job
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trackball is goofy to me, but don't mind using the gyro air mouse for distance usage.
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Mouse only way I can actually navigate
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I thought I'd be all cutting edge and pick up an MX Revolution when they were on sale last weekend, but after using a Trackman Wheel almost exclusively with my desktop for the last three months, using a mouse hurts! I get twinges along my whole arm when I'm using it that disappear entirely when I use my trackball.

It's a little frustrating, because I'd like to go all-wireless to reduce some of the clutter and cable spaghetti I have going on around my desk. Unfortunately, the wireless Trackman Wheel is simply ancient and I'd rather not deal with the big reciever dongle. Oh Logitech, give me a 2.4GHz version with a micro receiver, please!
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Used a trackball many years ago, then switched back to mouse. I own 5 different mice, but I only use one - the Microsoft Natural Desktop 7000. Wireless, four-way scroll, thumb buttons - the works. Took a couple days getting used to the shape but I'm a huge ergo fan now.

BTW - spend money on a good mouse mat. I bought the Razer Destructor and it makes mousing SO much easier. Nice big surface, great tracking, perfect for graphics editing (I don't game much).
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I have used the same Microsoft Trackball Optical for about 10yrs now.
It is a right hand thumb job.
They don't make it anymore.
4 user programmable buttons, programmed for back, left click, right click, and forward. Makes surfing easy and fun.
Scroll wheel is clickable and allows 360 degree scrolling, controlled by the 'ball.
If it ever broke, I would definitely go with the Logitech one that looks similar.
Another great thing I love about the trackball is the ability to put it on my leg/stomach and sit back in the chair to surf.
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Currently, I am on a Logitech Trackman Wheel (my first trackball after years of using a mouse). The problem with a conventional mouse is that you need a lot of room on your desk in order to use the mouse correctly. Unfortunately, I have almost no room at all whatsoever on my desk to properly fit a mousing area: I tried, and I almost always ended up getting the mouse cord caught on something, making mousing very frustrating.
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After years gaming no doubt: a good optical or laser mouse. Logitech or Razer are really nice, and they have nice software to program commands on the special buttons of the mouse, which is very useful.

IMO trackball would be better only if you don't have a clean desk or enough space.
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I like trackballs, but as I game a fair bit, trackballs don't work that great :P
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Logitech G5 2000dpi Laser Gaming Mouse w/Customizable Weight Cartridge. I tried a trackball (Kensington) on my sisters PC & was very akward for me.
Good Luck & Happy Holidays
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trackball. hand stays still.
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