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List of High-End Analog Source Owners on Head-Fi Continued

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A continuation of the great list started by Asr.

All items on this list are analog source components only (turntables, tape, radio, et al) and carry a retail price of $1K minimum (or did when in production), without any accessories (arms, cartridges, etc).

To be added to this list, just leave a post mentioning your source.

Accuphase T-100, T-101, & T-108 (tuners) - Ross, jc1600cc (T-101)
Acoustic Signature Final Tool - immtbiker
Alphason Sonata - 6RS
Avid Acutus - howiebrou
Avid Diva - p_o
Basis Debut Signature - Larry I
Clearaudio Ambient - mobettermusic
Clearaudio Innovation Compact AMG Wood Magnum - doctorcilantro
Clearaudio Reference - 9pintube
Denon DP-59L - Skylab
Denon DP-60L - digitalmind
Dual Golden Stone - project86
EMT 950 - 19lexicon78
Esoteric V-9000 (tape) - project86
Funk Firm Vector V - MarkyMark
Goldring-Lenco GL-75 - memepool
Immedia RPM II - ronfint
ITVR - nikongod more info here
JA Michell Gyrodec - gyrodec
JA Michell Gyrodec Orbe - Zanth
JA Michell Gyro SE - (2) bowling-name, Rednamalas1
JA Michell Orbe SE - Uncle Erik
JVC QLY-5F - 883dave
Kenwood KT-917 (tuner) - gjkphd
Kuzma Stabi S (3) - Afrikane, gz76, LarryK2
Linn LP12 (17) - antonik, CyberTheo, eric76 , harrispen, Jacques, jonnywolfet , jrb, Kees, kuma, mark_h , mikeymad, nghows , Ross, steviebee, stevenkelby , Todd R, wareagle69 ,
Logic DM-101 MkII - memepool
Lorricraft Garrard 401 (2) - pcf, Thermionic
Magnum Dynalab FT101A (tuner) - Thermionic
Magnum Dynalab MD-102(tuner) (2) - cAsE sEnSiTiVe, ronin74
Magnum Dynalab MD-108 (tuner) - Jacques
Marantz Model 20 (tuner) - project86
Marantz TT-15 - MeanWillieGreen
Merrill Heirloom - mulveling
Music Hall MMF-5.1 (2) - jsplice, whaleyboy
Nagra SNST-R (tape reel) - walkman-man
Nagra T-Audio (tape) - Thermionic
Nakamichi CR-7/ZX-7 (tape) - Ross
Nakamichi Dragon (tape) - shaizada
Nakamichi Dragon-CT (turntable) - larryminator
Nakamichi DR10 (tape) - mobettermusic
Nakamichi RX-505 (tape) - shaizada
Nakamichi 1000 (tape) - Jolida302
Nottingham Analogue Hyper Space (2) - Telynau, tyrion
Oracle Delphi MKV (Turbo) - 883dave
[B]Origin Live Sovereign Mk1 /B] - Hopstretch
Phonosophie No 3 - kuma
Pro-Ject RPM 9.1 - InSides
Pro-Ject RPM 10 - (2) tuatara, twestby
Rega P3 (Modded) - Groovetracer sub platter, Iron audio platter ,various tonearm mods - dave650
Rega P5 - ldj325, ruknd, vberch
Rega P25 - nc8000
Revox PR-99 MKII (tape) - memepool
Roksan Xerxes Mk I - CyberTheo
Sony PS-X800 - 909
SOTA Comet - derekbmn
SOTA Nova - earwicker7
SOTA Star - ronin74
SOTA Star Sapphire - jsaliga
Sota Star series III - mulveling
Tascam 122MKII (tape) - bowling-name
Teac A-1500-W (tape reel) - derekbmn
Teac 3340S (tape reel) - xtreme4099
Technics RS1500 (tape reel) (2) - ironbut, Penchum
Technics RS1506 (tape reel) - extreme4099
Technics RS1700 (tape reel) - Penchum
Technics SP-10 MK2 in SH-10B3 in SH-10B3 Obsidian plinth & Finite Elemente Cerapuck footers - CarbonTi
Technics ST-S8 / SH 4060 (tuner) - memepool
Telefunken M15A (tape) - 19lexicon78
Teres Certus 450 - shokunin
Thorens TD125 Mk2 - memepool
Thorens TD850 - Gazza
Townshend Rock Reference - walkman-man
Transrotor Apollon 40/60/M - earwicker7
Transrotor Darkstar Reference - Dinan
TW Acustic Raven AC - Afrikane
TW Acustic Raven One - Rob N
Verdier La Platine Granito - selfdivider
Voyd Valdi - Hi-fi Wigwammer
VPI Aries 2 - immtbiker
VPI Aries 3 (3) - 4N6, Audiofiler, Voltron
VPI HW-19 Mk IV - paulllaser
VPI Scout (5) - johnsonad, paulllaser, robm321, TimJo, ingwe
VPI Scoutmaster (2) - emelius, screwdriver, Skylab
VPI Superscoutmaster w/ Superplatter (2) - tom hankins, Yikes
VPI TNT MKV - paulllaser
VPI TNT-V Hot Rod - shaizada
VPI HRX (3) -Ray Samuels, Todd, Wmcmanus
VPI HRX (Rim Drive) - Audio Addict
Yamaha CT7000 (tuner) (2) - Thermionic, Rob N
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Avid Diva

Avid Diva originally purchased with a Rega 300b and Dynavector 10x5. Now it has the Rega/Dynvector and a SME IV.IV with a Benz Micro Ebony LP S class.
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Marantz TT-15; Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood cartridge
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Rega P5 with external TT PSU and a Grado Sonata cartridge.
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+1 to the LP12 list please...

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I've got:

VPI Super Scoutmaster with Superplatter and 10.5i arm, Dynavector 17D3, Einstein "The Turntables Choice"
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I certainly consider my Denon DP-59L High-end, and I have seen them sell for over $1,000 when in mint condition (which sadly it is rare to find them in).
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Originally Posted by Skylab View Post
I certainly consider my Denon DP-59L High-end
And so do I Rob....Added !
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Thanks! I sure love my analog rig
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Thorens TD-850 Turntable
Ortofon Kontrapunkt C moving coil cartridge
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While I don't consider my system analog rig truly high end for the greater audiophile world ($50K, 100K, 200K turntables) for the criteria in the OP I suppose it qualifies.

Rega P5 with external power supply, Benz H2 cart, Hagerman Trumpet balanced tube phono pre.
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I've also got a CT7000 tuner
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Nottingham Hyperspace, Ace-Space arm, Zyx Yatra cart and ASR Mini Basis phono pre.
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vpi scout
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