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Any Melody Gardot fans here?

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Please post about how you cam to know and why you love this beautiful voice. Below is mine (Copied from another thread):

I love Gardot's music because I can also relate to her personal experiences.

I had a traffic accident earlier in the year. I was on the way to dinner with my mum, and whilst trying to turn right at an intersection my little hatchback got swipped by a tradesman trying to speed through an intersection. My car got hit from the passenger side, than spun around until I landed up against a sign post.

My mum had a fractured back and some broken ribs, and I had a small back fracture and a busted right knee which is still requiring constant physiotherapy. I also slammed my head hard against the side pillar of the car, and I have currently have short term memory problems, loss of sleep and other crap like that. I think I also have some personality changes as well, as I used to hate jazz, but now I absolutely love it. Sort of weird, but hey!

How I found out about gardot:

I found out about her music when I was visiting my sister, and was looking for CDs in a music store when somebody recommended her CD. I didn't know anything about her personal life until I looked her up on last.fm
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That sound a lot like what Gardot went through, you'r right. I got her record and like it, for my taste it could gave been more colourful but for quiet listening it's nice. Hope you'll recover fully.
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I guess jazz music and playing bass has become a sort of therapy for me. Whenever I get stressed, it calms me down...
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Have you heart Jacyntha? More classic mainstream jazz vocals (compared to Gardot), very quiet.
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whos that?
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Finally got around to going through the album, and I'm loving it! Shared it with a friend who didn't share quite the same amount of enthusiasm =P
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Melody Gardot is ok.
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A few years back "Worrisome Heart" was the free single of the week on iTunes, it was one of only a handful of free songs that I really enjoyed and wanted to go deeper into the artist...

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Love the tone of her voice.  I have all her albums on vinyl. 

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very underrated - sounds great - norah jones seems to get all the attention at the mo

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I'm a fan! Haven't quite gotten used to the last album though

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