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My Review: Yuin PK1 Vs. UE Triple.Fi 10 Pro

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Hello guys.
Some of you know how much time I spent on researching what earphone/headphone I would purchase in July. Well, time has come, and I got myself the Yuin PK1 and a Headsix, thus spending the same money I would spend on the Triple.Fi 10 Pro alone.
Now that I have my PK1, I loved it so much that a friend of mine (fhissataka on head-fi) decided to loan me his Triple.Fi for a couple of weeks, so I could compare it to my PK1. It arrived today, and I will post my impressions here, and will update my thoughts during all my experience.

When I first saw the Triple, I thought: "Well, this isn't as giant as people say it is", and inserted them (with Comply tips on it) in my ears, no flipflop modding, and it sit there so comfortably that I could forget I had them on, if it wasn't for the stiff cable. Isolation was great, seal was perfect, so I put some songs on.
The first thing I noticed is that bass was more powerful, and maybe deeper than PK1's. I kept listening, and when I reached "Just Feel Better" (Santana Ft. Steven Tyler), a song that I am very familiar to with the PK1, I noticed that the Triple.Fi was sibilant. So sibilant that I couldn't listen to the entire song without making pain faces.
After listening to 10 songs on the Triple.Fi, I thought that the bass was very present, vocals were a bit recessed (on a particular song, War Pigs by Faith No More, MUCH recessed), and highs were somewhat similar to PK1's, but more sibilant. Paradise City from Gn'R's drum intro had an awesome drum decay with the Triple, but had the same great decay with the PK1. Matt Sorum's Drum solo on the 1991 Tokyo concert was awesome with both phones. These statements confirms that both are great for drums.
Then, I decided to listen to the Triples with my headsix (until then, it was straight from my X-Fi). With low gain enabled, bass was more controled, and sibilance set down somewhat, but was still there. With high gain, it was so sibilant that Axl Rose almost made my ears bleed on Paradise City (Lossless, of course).

Then I put my PK1 back, and clearly notice the differences. PK1's bass is a bit shier than Triple.Fi's, but is still very present, you won't miss it. Mids are less recessed, and upper mids are much more controlled, I can't notice any sibilance with the PK1 at all. Highs were very similar. Instrument separation and soundstage is much superior on the PK1: on "Hotel California", from Hell Freezes Over by The Eagles, I can separate each instrument much easier on the PK1's than on the Triple, and everything is more ample.

Well guys, that's it. Sorry for the long reading and somewhat unstructured review, this is my first one. I will sure update my thoughts, I have one or two weeks more to listen to the Triples.

Of course, isolation is a big plus for the Triples.
Considering that the Triple.Fi's price is around $350, and PK1 is around $160, the PK1 has a much better value than Triples. But keep in mind that you need an amp to enjoy the PK1 on all it's potential.

Update: Triple.Fi with UE Silicon Tips hasn't as much bass as PK1. Comply foam makes it bassier, probably because of better seal. PK1 with Full Cover Donut Foam has increased bass, and no loss of details IMO. That means: Silicon tips suck! Use complies, or whatever, but skip those silicon tips. They reduce Triple.fi's potential much.
Edit: You can reach a nice bass if you get a nice seal, which is a hard job with the silicon tips.

Update 2: Some pics of both being worn:

Update 3: After some more listening time, I realized that Triple.Fi has something that PK1 lacks: deep bass. I mean bass that reaches your stomach through your brain. Some songs really showed that. Hip-hop is very pleasing to hear with Triple.Fi, but so is with PK1. I think both cans rock with all musical styles.

Update 4: My ZY Hi-End LOD arrived from Head-Direct. I had like 5 minutes of battery life on my headsix, but it was enough for me to realize that the lineout of my iPod is superior and delivers deeper bass than my X-Fi. Now my batteries are gone, and while I wait for my rechargeables to come, my PK1 is getting burned with Pink Noise. I hope I can burn it for 100 hours.

Update 5: Burn-in is concluded (over 120 hours), and the sound did improve. It's more detailed, and bass got more control and accuracy. I'm loving it.
I made an extense comparison of the PK1 against my Sony EX90, and my conclusion is that the EX90 has almost no soundstage when compared to the PK1, the sound is thin and somewhat enclosed in a stretched line, while the PK1's sound goes on an enlarged line. Hope it was clear to understand. Also, the EX90 is way more sibilant than the PK1, and still revealing much less treble details. Bass is tremendously bigger, deeper and more impactful on the PK1, never overwhelming the sweet midrange it is known for. EX90's mids were more proeminent than PK1's, but also with less details. Axl Rose's voice, for example, is way more detailed on the PK1, I can even hear some grasping that the EX90 couldn't reveal.
That's it, thank you.
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Nice review. I have similar observation on my TF10 vs. PK1.
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wow the triple fi looks like it sticks out a mile compared to the pk1. I haven't seen anyone in person around here wearing the triple fi to see if it really looks big in person though.

Glad you like the full cover foams for the pk1 too. I've went back and forth from no foam to donut to full and I always end up keeping the full cover on.
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Hi there,

I'm new to head.fi, but I've been talking to Flavio for a while from the other forum we participate.

When he got his PK1s, I became very curious about them and had the idea to lend him my TFs for a while, so he could make a direct comparison between both. In one or two weeks Flavio will send me both phones so I can test drive them myself.

Reading his review, it was no surprise for me that the PK1s could surpass the TFs on audio quality. In fact, they fall short in comparison to my beloved pair of 325i's. TFs have less detail, soundstage, transparency (so much less!), instrument separation than the 325is. And the mids are really recessed when compared to the Grado's.

Meanwhile, my DT770's are replacing my TFs, with great competence, I must say. They have punchier bass, the same mids (kind of recessed) and a little less detail on highs than the triple's, but in general they are very pleasant to listen to.

Well, let me wait for my turn now.. Get back in a couple of weeks with my impressions on both phones.


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No surprise that you think your big cans have better SQ than TF10, but I bet your 325 won't sound as good on the busy street. I think, the most important thing is not to consider only the SQ, but also other aspects of how a headphone will be used.
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I dont know if it is because the Headstage Lyrix DAC/amp is dark or what, but I just havent heard teh sibilant triple fis. I have been listening to them for about a week now and I just cant find them being sibilant. I consider myself very sensitive to harsh highs and I just cant hear them on the triple fi.
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Nice review, I didn't like the Triple.Fi 10's either, their recessed mid range turned me off after listening to them for 30 seconds. I'd be all over the PK1's if they offered isolation ):
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Ok review. Personally, I have not experienced problems with sibilance that you mention, in fact I would say sibilance isn't an issue at all. I also find the Complys (T-400) muffling the highs a bit, so I'm sticking with the medium silicones for now. Haven't tested the T-500s though.
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He may not have been using sibilance in the same way as others, but a subjectively overdone very high end is, depending on you p.o.v., either one of the strengths or the weaknesses of the TF10 (see my comparison thread to the SA6). There were certainly plenty of instruments that I found unpleasant with the TF10 such that when I could compare it head to head with the SA6 I opted to return them. Others describe this as "high energy" and like it, such is the subjectivity of personal preference

One other comment, this for Flaviowolff: Bass is actually going to better with the UE silicone IF you have a proper seal, getting a seal with UE's silicon tips is the trick, though. It took me months of playing with them on and off with my SF5 before I figured it out perfectly.
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My opinion is, TF10 has a bit of sibilance, but easily fixable by using foam tips, which are what I am using now. I think it isn't just about how we recognize sibilance subjectively , but also about the difference within our hearing capability that allow us to actually 'hear' the sibilance on an individual level.
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I used extensively the Triple.fi with foamies (comply t400, shure olives) and they couldn't fix the terrible sibilance at all. Using an iMod and amp only made it worse. If one has good hearing and listens to harshly recorded music (90% rock and such), the Triple.fi aren't a good choice.
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nice review.
i hope there will be a version of PK1 in ear.
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I just couldn't bare the "Just feel better" sentence from the song "Just Feel Better" with the Triples, it was so sibilant.
I'm now using flipflop mod, it helped me reaching a good seal with the silicone tips, but didn't change the sound signature in a noticeable way (I remember some people talking about modifications on soundstage... must be people with golden ears).

I hope this helps people understand that number/type of driver is not a decisive comparison therm. How can a tiny dynamic driver of an earbud face three armatures this well?
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Thanks for the review, Flavio. Good job!

I recently purchased the TF10 and now you're making me wonder about the PK1...
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Haha, sorry for that.
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