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I would choose the MiniBox-E+ w/o any hesitation, but I could see where the Headsix could be appealing to some due to its ergonomics. But IMO the MiniBox-E+ sounds better.
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How would the headsix or minibox sound with Grado SR60s?

Also, Should I get some Sennheiser HD414 pads for the SR60s?
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Ergonomics are a silly reason to get the Headsix.

It's big, thick, heavy, and the top and bottom are curved for some inexplicable reason so it doesn't sit well against anything.

It also has 1/8" jacks that don't lock. I hate that. The sound is good, but the ergonomics (especially the size) are what made me sell it (along with the realisation that portable amps aren't necessary for IEMs).
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Hmm, I'm being swayed to the XM4.

EDIT: Was looking at the PDC website. How does the XM4 sound if I opt for the upgraded chip?

2nd EDIT: Just got another recommendation. Penguine Caffeine Ultra?
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As Mr Arroyo said the minibox e+ sounds great except the new version with the buttons like I have doesn't have the socket for op-amp swapping. It looks like they are soldered in. BTW thanks MrArroyo for that minibox pic but the inside of mine looks different unfortunately.

Also the minibox just fits alot more flush and isn't as awkward when its velcroed up against my ipod compared to the PA2V2.
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Originally Posted by nsx_23 View Post
2nd EDIT: Just got another recommendation. Penguine Caffeine Ultra?
I have a Penguin Caffeine amp in the mail for me that I am paring with my Grado SR-80s and a LOD when I buy it and it ships. My source is a 3rd generation iPod. I will let you know how it does when I get it (if you haven't already purchased one by then).
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Argh! Deal on Xin fell through, so back to square one.

So, the mini3 seems to be getting some mentioning around this forum, and just saw on rockhopper that they are still for sale.

How would this amp compare to the Xin supermini3, which seems to be highly rated by people in my other thread: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f105/x...rmini3-349885/
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nsx, there are a few forum members here who live in Melbourne. Have a look at the Melbourne meet thread to see who attended and try contacting them and seeing if you can have a listen to their amps before you select and buy one for yourself.
Reviews are only useful up to a point, then you have to make a selection and just go for it. The only opinion on an amp that matters is your own.
If you lived in Sydney you would be more than welcome to try my selection, i am sure the Melbourne head-fiers will be as equally helpful.
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I would love to do that, but how do I search for Melbourne members?
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Here we go mate, try some of the folks who posted in these 2 threads:



Good luck with your quest bud
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My father has just purchased me an amplifier in HK, but he won't tell me what it is......

Should be getting it next week. Can't wait to see what it is! I have a feeling it won't be an RSA though..

Either way, I'm still going to buy something myself. Got offered an XXS for about $170.

EDIT: Just checked through those threads. None of them seem to have amps I'm interested in buying at the moment (ie they're not within my price range)
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i loved my pa2v2 when i was using it... i've considered selling it but just can't let it go... what if someone suddenly starts making a LOD for the sansa e200 series? what if i buy a different player that has a line out jack or a LOD available for it? what if i dust off my pcdp?
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I hear the Grados and PA2V2 work really well together. Now that I've got SR60s, I wonder if I should get a PA2V2.
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