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Right, this is settled.

I shall order one next week.
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Any ownership issues I should be aware of?
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I think I may well get a Micro Dot to go with this amp, then sell one later.

Which one would be more preferable for my music style? Anyone care to share some opinions?
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dunno about anyone else, but I personally couldn't tell the difference between the ipod's headphone jack and the ipod's line out -> PA2v2 with my MS-1's when I started around a year ago, rather than getting the microdot + pa2v2, I'd personally recommend you combine the funds and go for a better amp

That's my 2c!
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I was thinking of spending the money on a set of headphones like Ms1s or Grado SR60/80 with the money I'd save.

EDIT: I only have IEMs at the moment.
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IMHO From my experience I think you would save more money in the long run if you skip the entry level portable amps and get something better, I highly highly recommend this because really the PA2v2 barely does anything at all, it's not suprsising at all, once you see the internals of the amp, there's only like 4-5 components (I used it for a month or so with my iPod line out, my friends H320, and for my computer), and portable amps in general don't do a whole lot either, well in comparison to desktop amps anyway.

I really don't know why people say this amp is a nice little amp, it's quite possible the fiio is the better amp as well, and that barely did anything either from when I heard it :x

However If you do choose to get the PA2v2, I'm not sure if Gary fixed this, but there used to be channel imbalance issue at lower volumes, so this may be a problem with iems, so you may need to get the gain adjusted, come to think of it I think he did add a gain switch of some sort in the past few revisions.

there is quite a high demand for these little amps, as they seem to be popular with first time amp buyers so selling the resale value shouldn't be a problem.

I know I sound like an Anti fan, but I'm just trying to steer you in the right direction.
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How about a 2nd hand Creek OBH-11?

Oh, and anyone here heard a Storm 3 before?

The reason I'm not looking at anything expensive is because I don't want it getting stolen at uni.
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I have no idea about those amps sorry ):
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Current OBH-11 owner


I bought an OBH11 about a 8 months ago off a guy on ebay for about $125US.
I use it mostly for my hd580s and 5.5 ipod 80 (or as of late-h120.) It makes a huge difference in the sound. Without it the sound is quite anemic and with it everything becomes large and lively. This is the only headphone amp I have used so I cannot tell you about the others.

I also have SR225s but I use them unamped.

Hopefully someone else will ring in their experiences with this amp compared to a portable amp and others.
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My slight reserve about full size amps is that I'm out on the go most of the time, so I'll hardly ever get to use it.

Maybe I could save a bit more and get a Meier. But which one?
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pa2v2 is quite nice IMHO,
i had a meier XXS for a while, sold it off
its nice and small, cost several times more than the pa2v2, the sound was much better, but it was just a bit too lean and neutral bass wise for me to like.

the pa2v2 is a nice starter amp, doesnt attract to much attention so risk of being stolen not really a problem. cant go wrong i think. only reason i dont use mine atm is because change in tastes that i need a more bright amp.otherwise thoroughly recommended as a budget amp
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Well, I'm going to pick up a pair of Grado SR60s soon, so what would pair nice with that along with my UE SF5pros?
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Anybody here got a Practical devices XM4? Friend of mine just recommended this as a damn good amplifier.
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Originally Posted by nsx_23 View Post
Anybody here got a Practical devices XM4? Friend of mine just recommended this as a damn good amplifier.
Read Skylab's review of the XM4 : http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f105/r...mpared-214588/

The Practical Devices XM4 is medium sized – bigger than a Hornet but smaller than a Go-Vibe. It’s feature rich – defeatable AND adjustable crossfeed, defeatable battery charger, defeatable bass boost. That’s a lot of features in a $130 amp.

Build Quality: B+: Nice metal case. Jacks were a little loose but this had no audible consequence.
Treble: B+: some veil and grain, and the low treble is a little spitty. Lacks ultimate air and extension. Not bad, but not great.
Midrange: A-: pleasant sounding, warm and lush, maybe just a bit forward.
Bass: A: Deep, tight, powerful, and well defined – even without the bass boost! Excellent bass performance.
Neutrality: A-: except as noted above, generally neutral amp but a little warm.
Soundstaging: A-: Very good, and with crossfeed truly excellent.
Transparency: A: Right up there with the best in THIS regard – has that “wow” factor of feeling a wide open window to the music, like the Headphonia, Hornet, and the PRII.

The XM4 is really a fun listen. It lacks that OVERALL “WOW” factor that the best amps have, but it’s a very enjoyable amp, with no major faults that detract from its overall performance. Price versus performance and features also make it right up there with the Headphonia for bargains.
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How about this: Rockhopper Audio: Quality Headphone Amplifiers

Right, after browsing through that very long review, I've narrowed down some choices:

1) Meier Headsix
2) Minibox E
3) Microshar uAmp107
4) Practical Devices XM4

So, which one? Sometimes, I reckon having lots of choice isn't a good thing in life....
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