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HEAD-DIRECT RE1 IEM Give Away (expired)

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Head Direct RE2s are IEM with nickname "Phoenix." They are low impedance of 32ohms which makes them suitable for portable audio player. The RE2 Phoenix's sell for $99 and come with ear tips in different sizes. This giveaway is open to Head-fiers in the US and Canada. The usual rules apply, just leave a comment on this thread. One winner will be selected in July 31th at 12am EST.

Review Links:

techPowerUp :: Head-Direct RE2 Earphones Review :: Page 1 / 5

[REVIEW] 13 IEM reviewed and compared!!!

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just sold my iems, and the only thing i have now are marshmallows, these would be a huge upgrade
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Outstanding and generous offer. I would be pleased to replace my ER-6i's with the Phoenix!
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Great price and seems to bench higher than Er6i, now I want :[
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I wonder how many posts this will earn in a week? Maybe some sort of record. Thanks so much for this lottery. It is very generous. Hope I win.

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Thanks. Count me in too.
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Thanks Nankai! Maybe I'll win. I have been curious how the Phoenix would compare with my Soundmagic PL30.
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I'm in!
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I'd love those!
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I'll bite.
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I like give aways.
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I'd love to give those a go!
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Heads up.

I have read great reviews on this IEM
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Generous offer. I'd be honored to have the privilege of owning these little gems.
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