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iBasso OEM Project

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My friend received the following proposals from ibasso.

>I think different communities have different needs.
>When many head-fier from Head-fi are suggesting us to remove the >charging circuit from the P series
>and use AAA batteries, you guys are suggesting us to put it back.
>When other people want the P3 to be smaller, you guys want it to be >bigger.
>It is very difficult to us. I dont think we are going to change the design at >this time.

>As a solution, we can accept your OEM project.
>If you can collect more than 50 orders, we will make the amp follow your >instructions,
>also it can under your own brand name or community name.
>The price is cheaper if the order quantity is larger.
>The sound quality of your amp should be competitive to any home unit,
>since large space is allowed and higher voltage is applied.
>It is pretty interest.

His demand is as follows.

> Its circuit is based on P2's. (4ch amps)
> 3 BUF634 buffers. (with WB-mode switch in L/R)
> Powered by two 006P rechargeable cells. (+9V/-9V)
> Enclosure must be D1's. (to load 16mm caps and store 2 006Ps)
> Price is under $250 without opamps.

Is there a person who wants to participate in this project?
I'm sorry by poor English.

UPDATE 09-11-2009

information of fi.Quest Portable amp

100PCE of 1st batch has already DONE the reservation completion.
2nd batch is NOT an appointment system. It becomes a form sold little by little every day.
It is from roughly a day 10 pieces to 20 pieces.

2nd batch Specification

"Standard" same as 1st batch Pre-bid price $349

BUF 3 BUF634P in L, R, GNDch.
2 Silmic2 47uF/25V (C3&C4),
2 MUSE-KZ 47uF/25V (C5&C6),
2 MUSE-FG 3300uF/16V (C1&C2).

"Clearer"ver. Pre-bid price $399

BUF 2 BUF634P in L, R.
BUF 2 BUF634U in L, R.
2 Silmic2 47uF/25V (C3&C4), 2 MUSE-KZ 47uF/25V (C5&C6),
2 MUSE-ES 47uF/16V (CP1&CP2), 2 Toshin UTSJ 220uF/16V (CP3&CP4),
2 MUSE-FW 10000uF/16V (C1&C2).

"Maxxed"ver. Pre-bid price $449

BUF 4 BUF634P in L, R.
BUF 4 BUF634U in L, R.
2 Sanyo OSーCON 100uF/16V (C3&C4),2 MUSE-KZ 47uF/25V (C5&C6),
2 MUSE-KZ 33uF/25V (CP1&CP2), 2 MUSE-ES 47uF/16V (CP3&CP4),
2 Toshin UTSJ 10000uF/16V (C1&C2).

"FX Limited edition" Pre-bid price $459 (ONLY 50sets)
BUF 4 BUF634P in L, R.
BUF 4 BUF634U in L, R.
2 Silmic2 47uF/25V (C3&C4), 2 MUSE-KZ 47uF/25V (C5&C6),
2 MUSE-ES 47uF/16V (CP1&CP2), 2 Toshin UTSJ 220uF/16V (CP3&CP4),
2 MUSE-FX 6800uF/16V (C1&C2).


BG-Maxxed is "Maxxed" with Black-Gate capacitor.
If you want BG-Maxxed, the following capacitor is necessary.

4 BG N 33uF/16V
2 BG STD 47uF/16V
2 BG FK 47uF/16V

You must buy these somewhere. (e.g. Parts connection)Afterwards, please buy "Maxxed",
and send us the BG capacitor.
We remodel it to BG-Maxxed. The remodeling cost is undecided.
The mailing address of the capacitor is a schedule for the announcement later...

UPDATE 13-11-2009
UPDATE 25-11-2009
I corrected the erratum omission of a word. There is no change in the content.

1st batch of fi.Quest will be available on December 11th.

Information for BG-Maxxed modification service

The BlackGate caps below are required, and should be purchased by yourselves.

4 of N 33uF/16V
2 of FK 47uF/16V
2 of STD 47uF/16V
(4 of NX Hi-Q 0.47uF/50V; just for preference and if you could obtain)

For 1st batch users

Modding service for 1st batch fi.Quest to BG-Maxxed, extra charge will be $125 (NOT incl. S&H).

1, Purchase BlackGate caps above from the shops where deal in.
2, Send us the caps and modification charge via Paypal.
(Please do not send until your actual purchasing)
The Paypal account of us will be notified after shipping from iBasso begun.
3, We’ll ship "BG-Maxxed" to you after we received the caps from you.

Breaking down for $125.
2 BUF634P (4pcs is proper as longer as possible due to matching of lot code)
4 BUF634U
2 UTSJ 10000uF/16V
+ modification charge

For users from 2nd batch or later (Undecided information)

"BG-Maxxed ready model (10000uF UTSJs only)" pre-bid price is $429 (NOT incl. S&H).
Maxxed to BG-Maxxed modification service charge is free.

1, Purchase BlackGate caps above from the shops where deal in.
2, Choose and purchase "BG-Maxxed ready model" with $429
3, Send the caps to us.
(Please do not send until your actual purchasing)
4, We’ll ship "BG-Maxxed" to you after we confirmed receipt of the charge you sent.

capacitor infomation:
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Wow, this is an interesting and awesome idea if 50 people can decide on a feature set. iBasso is willing to build to spec. Very cool.
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Head-Fi community spec'ed dream amp?

Yes, please!
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New information entered from iBasso. It is as follows.

In my opinion, there are two solutions to sell:
First one. you collect the payment on Japan
and send it to us via western union or bank transfer.
Second one, we make a sale page one our site, and you guys can pay for
it as ordering a product from our site.
The first method is 8% cheaper than the second method.
We just want to give you a overview of the priceing,
if unit price for 50 unit order is 240USD,
the unit price for 100 unit order can be 200USD.
The price is going down if the order quantity is larger.
We can start your project on Sept.
So, please collect the member opinion and finalize your design before sept.

My friend thinks that he wants to adopt the second method.
The feasibility has come out in sales of amp that exceeds SM4.
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Originally Posted by bt-fi View Post
> Price is under $250 without opamps.
"without opamps" means that user MUST put in opamps by himself?
If so, it's interesting, new style.
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If this could dip below 200 then I'm interested.
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this sounds really cool. what if we could get all of "HEAD FI " involved. and name it the head-fier
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If we get most people into this, than we can definitely drop the price down so newer head-fiers can have an affordable, great sounding amplifier!

Hey, affordable, great sounding amp with our name on it? I'm in!
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It's very interesting!
I want to participate.
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Once the shcematics/configuration are agreed upon, is a beta model going to be supplied to a trusted impressionist for evaluation?
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No offense to bt-fi but has anyone else had direct contact with ibasso? This guy has 4 posts and no feedback.
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Hello Head-fiers

I'm the originator of this project from Japan.

Our community in Japan are modding our own PHPAs, and improve it like below images.


We often fed our opinion back to iBasso (especially about P2).
But information about new P3's spec couldn't fulfill our requirement due to reason on top.
Chargeability is most fundamental requirement for our environment.

So, I suggested them our ideal PHPA to modify.
Its codename is "P3C Orion" project.
Additionally, naming & designing rights are belonging to us.
"C" represents consumption same as "Hi-C", and its name is conscious about RSA's line-up(irony?).
It aims at or exceeds SM4, SR-71's quality.
Priority we think is Quality >> Price > Portability.
We want higher voltage, higher performance, chargeable, and modifiable.

Join our project, please!!
We'll welcome you
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this is very interesting project, i hope we can get lots of interest and keep this below $200, then i will probably get in on this.
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Will consider when impressions are made, if the price is 200 or less, and if the sound is good of course.
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So the size of the D1 for portability and a sound to compete with good home units? Implementation. I still think that a discrete output would be the way to go as the 634 has its own signature. It isn't always about voltage swing and current.
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