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Static in X-cans volume control

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My x-can v2 amp has just developed a lot of static in the volume control. I suppose this is due to dust but how do I clean it out? Is there a recommended way - with some cleaning agent? Any advice greatly appreciated.
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It's likely the volume pot, it's cheap as hell. Mine started doing it after a couple of months. It only happens when I turn up the volume sometimes. i haven't noticed any noise otherwise.

It could also be that one or both of the tubes is going bad, but the first scenario is most likely. Ah...you get what you pay for.

You can do a search in here or headwize and you'll probably get what I just told you.

Take it back if you want.
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I agree. I don't think the tubes are bad because I have the line out feeding to my stereo and it sounds fine this way. It's in the volume control. Who has these volume pots? I believe I'm still under warranty but it's a bother packing up and shipping. Hoping a ham-handed novice like me can fix it.
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Why don't you just try to spray it with a cleaner first?
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X can volume static

I just recieved my X can last week but there was lots of static and one channel was in and out. I called MF in the UK and the tech said that it was a cold solder joint at the volume control connection to the circuit board. I re-soldered the pot and the problem was gone. If you need more info on how to do it contact me anyway. It was simple. I too thought that the pot itself must have been dusty but the tech said that this was a sealed conductive plastic control of the highest quality. After I removed the board from the case sure enough he was right.
So I think the cold solder joint is your problem.
Hope this helps you.
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Good information. I'll check out the cold solder joint and the volume pot seal. Someone told me Walmart has these air cansters which computer techs use to blow out dust from mother boards. This might be good to do as a maintenance since I'll have the circuit board out.
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Before you go taking it apart and trying to solder...

First try some of the "Tuner Cleaner" from Radio Shack. Many inexpensive volume pots display this static, and a bit of Tuner Cleaner often solves it.
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Static in Pot

The volume control in the MF X can V2 is relatively cheap but by no means as cheap as a Radio shack carbon deposited type that literally costs just pennies to build. The unit in the MF is a sealed conductive plastic unit similar to the Clarostat that costs about 12.00 though this is cheap as compared to a precision resister loaded pot it is worlds ahead of a really cheap pot.
Do not spray tuner cleaner into this pot. I have looked at it carefully and even if you could do it you would'nt want to because it is lubricated with a conductive agent. If you still have doubts I suggest you call Musical Fidelity in the UK at (44) 208-900-2866 As I have stated before in this thread they told me it was a cold solder joint and It was. It's also very easy to do, but give MF a call and get to the bottom of this problem your self.
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