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UE SF 3 or ER-6i

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Hi, new here.

I'm replacing my Sennheiser Street OMX50 earbuds (poor quality cord which is destroyed, lost the reciept) with something better.

Originally I was considering Sennheiser CX 300 or Shure SE110, but after reading some threads it's now between Ultimate Ears Super.fi 3 Studio and Etymotic ER-6i. I can get them for the same price, so it's all down to which one I will like better.

I listen to a huge range of music, from Rock to Hardcore to Classical Guitar to Folk. I'm a musician, and clarity is more important to me than huge bass, although bass presence is still important - I'd rather have definition than thump. From those of you who have listened to both, what are the differences, which would you recommend.

Build quality is also a concern, the Super.fis have replaceable wires, and I've heard the Etymotic's get tangled/damaged easily.

Thanks for your replies!

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I prefer the definition and detail of the UE3s to the Ety6s. The UE 3s can be difficult to make comfy and fit right but, with experimentation with all sorts of sleeves, it can be done. I finally ended up using the large Zen Aurvana sleeves and conditioning them, and my ear canals, with Witch Hazel.

The Etys are great phones, they produce a very strong sound that will take a lot of signal without distorting but it just doesn't seem to have the fine, dynamic detail of the UE3s. The UE3s sound effortless producing demanding sounds and the various instruments of a song seem closer and more real to the ear.
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Thanks Lewislink, I just ordered the UE3s, Comply T500 tips and the Metallic case for $99 shipped from earphonesolutions. (I found a 12% off any order coupon: JULY4, it expires july 31st. Also free shipping for orders over $98.)

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