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Ultimate Ears 4 vi

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Has anyone tried the iPhone-specific version? What kind of SQ can I expect? And does it need an amp (pico is on the way, but that's for my iMod).

Thanks for any advice...
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It was ok, sq-wise. The cable microphonics were very annoying, and it didn't block out enough outside noise, IMHO. The mic button is one sided, so if the cable twists you can't as easily press it without firmly grasping it. (Somehow the shure mic button is also one sided but doesn't have this issue).

No amp needed, and if you can get a satisfactory seal, its not bad. The wires look wrong if you try to tuck them over your ears. They were pretty decent for the money, but I ended up going for the shure SE420.
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You might want to pony up the extra $$$ and get the 5 vi. Not much is known about it but it has a new design and better specs(lower bass extension, 15Hz vs. 20Hz) and it is easier to drive/more sensitive and should provide more audible details.
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