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IEMs for about $100?

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I'm looking at buying a pair of IEMs. I currently own the Denon 1001 and the JVC Marshmallows. I'm looking for something that is close to the Marshmallows for noise cancelling and is easy to put on. I mainly listen to hip hop but I'm starting to listen to more rock. I'm pretty sure people aren't going to recommend me those custom ones but yea I don't want a custom one because they look like hearing aids.

I'm not going to be using an amp... Maybe the Fiio amp but yea I'm probably not using an amp. I will buy using them out of my 160GB iPod Classic mainly.

I'm not looking for anything Denon because I want to see if I can tell the difference between different brands.
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Might I suggest the Westone UM1. Very comfortable and has plenty of bass. Very warm sound as well. Sounds great with my Sony A818.
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Seconded. In that range, the UM1s can't be beat.
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Sound wise they can. Head-Direct RE2, or some of the cheap Denon or Audiotechnica earphones.
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I can't buy the Head-Direct RE2 because I'd have to go through an adult with a credit card and they will think it's a stupid investment so I will have to go buy it myself. The store carries the UM1 and the UM1 looks nice with a case and all.
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How easy are the UM1s to put on? Do you have to like lick it and stuff?
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Licking is only to achieve and maintain a seal. The insertion itself should be fine. You can choose foams or silicon sleeves depending on preference. Non-acoustic trade offs generally include comfort for isolation.
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You don't need to lick the Westone UM1s they come with Comply foam tips. You just compress and hold them in place untill they have expanded.
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yeah the westone um1 are good, but what about the sennheiser cx500's?
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